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    Who Is Ultraman? How Many Ultramen Are There?

    All works that are situated in the Ultraman‘ universe are included under the Japanese science fiction media property known as Ultra. Beginning with the groundbreaking television series Ultra Q in 1966, the narrative spans a variety of motion pictures, computer games, and television shows. 

    It is also known by a nickname taken from the Japanese television series Ultra or even the ‘Ultraman’ television series, which takes its name from the main character. In this article, we’ll count all of the many ways that the character has appeared over the years. 

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    Who Is Ultraman? 


    The first episode of his 1966 television series of the same name, “The Birth of Ultraman,” featured the fictional superhero for the first time. The monster Bemular was pursued to Earth by Ultraman, an alien from the Land of Light in Nebula M78, who later merged with Shin Hayata.

    He was the first Ultra to arrive on Earth, and he defended it against Kaiju until Zetton’s battle drew him away. Ultraman’s name comes from his human host. This iconic character, who is regarded as the franchise’s spokesperson, was first introduced, and as a result, the Series became well-known in Japan and around the world. 

    He is the first tokusatsu hero that Tsuburaya Productions and the Ultra Series have introduced. His involvement in the entertainment industry led to the creation of the Kyodai Hero subgenre and innumerable programs including Godman and Iron King. In the 1966 Japanese television series ‘Ultraman’, which lasted 39 episodes, this series made its debut as the show’s titular character alongside his human host Shin Hayata.

    Following Ultraman’s popularity, Tsuburaya produced Ultraseven, another Kyodai hero series that was still a part of their Ultra Series endeavor. Even though both series had extremely similar heroes and belonged to the same genre, there was initially no connection between them. 

    How Many Ultramen Are There?  

    Types of Ultramen

    There have been 43 different iterations of this series character since 1966. This indicates that in addition to the original Ultraman, there are 42 different iterations. Some of these iterations had a more significant role in the story, while others were just one-off ideas. 

    The character has undergone a great deal of evolution. While others were utilized less frequently, some of them were significantly included in the adaptations. There will probably be more Ultramen in future installments of the franchise.

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