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    Chelsea Handler’s Critics Choice Monologue Takes A Subtle Swing At Ex Jo Koy

    On the stage of the 29th annual Critics Choice Awards, comedian Chelsea Handler wielded her wit like a finely tuned rapier. However, her ex-boyfriend Jo Koy found himself in the crosshairs of her sly humor. 

    Another Sunday, another award night, and another comedian with a mic on the stage. This one delivered a monologue that not only tickled the audience’s funny bone but also sprinkled a touch of shade towards Koy, who recently faced a bit of Golden Globes drama.

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    Chelsea Handler’s Dig At Jo Koy

    Chelsea Handler
    Chelsea Handler

    Chelsea Handler, at the helm of the Critics Choice Awards’ opening monologue, served up jokes that were received with laughter. However, it was a particular quip that held a subtle but unmistakable reference to her ex-boyfriend, Jo Koy. 

    With a mischievous grin, Handler quipped, “Thank you for laughing at that. My writers wrote it.” 

    This playful remark also got a wave of chuckles from the audience. If you did not catch the humor and shade, you need to catch up on last Sunday’s drama. The Golden Globes incident involved Koy, who blamed his poorly written and delivered jokes on his writers when he said, “Some I wrote, some other people wrote.” This is something morally forbidden in the comic community.

    Chelsea Handler And Jo Koy’s Romantic History

    Chelsea Handler Jo Koy
    Chelsea Handler Jo Koy

    The comedic duo, Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy, once shared a love story that did not end with Juliette saying ‘Yes’. The relationship between the comedians lasted a year, spanning from September 2021 to June 2022. Handler herself announced the break which by the looks of it now, turned into a break-up. 

    “It is with a heavy heart to announce that we have decided together that it is best for us to take a break from our relationship right now. I know many of you were invested in our love, and I wanted to express to you how much that meant to both of us. How much it still means. And how much I now believe in love for each of us,” Chelsea wrote on Instagram, letting fans know the depth of their decision to prioritize individual paths. 

    Now Handler’s return to the Critics Choice Awards and Koy’s debut at the Golden Globes brought the once couple back into the spotlight. 

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