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    50 Cent Horror Movie Halts Filming After An Accident On The Set

    The upcoming horror movie of 50 Cent is in trouble. According to recent news, there was an accident on the movie set. The film is produced by ‘In Da Club’ singer and also stars him in the lead role.

    The production team for the upcoming horror film ‘Skill House,’ which includes director Josh Stolberg Spiral, is now in the final phase of filming. Stolberg shared his thoughts on a bizarre occurrence that took place on-site while the production was underway on Sunday 17 July.

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    50 Cent’s Horror Flick Stops Filming After A Cameraman Faints

    Cameraman Faints
    Cameraman Faints

    Skill House is created by writer Josh Stolberg, who is most known for his work on the films ‘Jigsaw’ and ‘Spiral: From the Book of Saw’.

    However, there was one specific scene in the film that was so gory and used so much fake blood that a cameraman actually passed out as a result of the experience.

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    “Holy fuck!!! We shot a kill scene last night and the camera operator became so nauseated watching through the lens that he passed out and the camera crashed to the ground,” Stolberg noted on Instagram. “Had to stop down for a half hour for the medic to get him back to his feet. He’s okay now and continued later in the evening but… get ready for some crazy shit!!!!!” Josh Stolberg Stated in an Instagram post.

    It is generally agreed that Hollywood SFX icon Steve Johnson is responsible for the creation of the gut-wrenching sequences. Both he and Stolberg, who collaborated on the most recent two installments of the ‘Saw’ franchise, are determined to test the boundaries with ‘Skill House’.

    50 Cent Speaks About The Incident

    50 Cent
    50 Cent

    Makeup and special effects for the movie were done by none other than Steve Johnson, who is famous for his work on the Ghost of Slimer in ‘Ghostbusters’ and even on Doc Ock’s limbs in Spider-Man 2. Johnson is the effects artist that worked on this picture. It is hardly surprising that the cinematographer on site had such a convincing experience given the level of realism that he had infused into his work.

    And Josh Stolberg, who penned the scripts for the most recent two Saw films, is no stranger to filming scenes that feature a significant amount of blood and gore. 50 Cent first revealed the news on Instagram, where he also discussed his feelings over the incident and how he was affected by it.

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    50 Cent gave his take on the situation in an Instagram post.

    “This guy Steve Johnson and Stolberg are responsible for this shit,” he wrote. “They did the last 2 SAW movies, they are gonna fvck around and kill the crew. SMH.”

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