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Ana Sorokin, The Fake Heiress That Inspired Netflix’s ‘Inventing Anna’ Will Be Deported To Germany

Fraudulent heiress Anna ‘Delvey’ Sorokin, received a jail term in 2019 for defrauding hotels, banks, and friends. Above all, She duped elites of New York in name of different funding schemes. Subsequently, she inspired a successful Netflix series. According to US media, the New York detention center deported Anna to Germany on Monday.

In 2016 and 2017, the 31-year-old Russian-German resident deceived New York’s elites by acting as a rich heiress. To clarify she is the daughter of a truck worker from Moscow’s outskirts.

Sorokin A.K.A “Anna Delvey” Arrested Again

Anna Sorokin
Anna Sorokin

Fake German heiress, who operated under the alias ‘Anna Delvey,’ was set to board the flight for Frankfurt earlier Monday. After being freed from a New York detention center. According to the newspaper New York Post, quoting persons familiar with the situation.

She received four to twelve years in jail. Later in February 2021, the agency released her for good conduct. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents arrested her again the following month for outstaying her visa. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, or ICE, kept her at a facility.

Sorokin “remains in ICE detention pending deportation,” according to an ICE representative who declined to elaborate. The young woman, who was adept at spinning intricate tales, pretended to be a German princess with a wealth of $60 million, enabling her to secure big bucks in loans from different institutions.

Anna Delvey And Her Wealth

Anna Sorokin flaunting her riches
Anna Sorokin flaunting her riches

Per the New York law department, she flew freely in private aircraft and stayed on credits in Manhattan hotels from November 2016 to August 2017 and never paid a dime. Her scams are believed to be valued at roughly $275,000.

Sorokin is the daughter of a Russian lorry driver and a tradeswoman. She fled to Germany in 2007, had even sought to secure a $22 million loan to open an elite club in Manhattan when she landed in New York in 2013.

Her extraordinary narrative captivated tv producer Shonda Rhimes (‘Grey’s Anatomy, ‘Scandal,’) who turned it into a Netflix mini-series titled ‘Inventing Anna,’ starring Julia Garner. Sorokin reportedly collected $320,000 from the streaming behemoth, according to media sources.

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