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    Armie Hammer Spotted In Los Angeles After A Year Of His Cannibal Scandal And Therapy

    Armie Hammer, the ‘Call Me By Your Name‘ actor, was spotted in Los Angeles after more than a year. The 35-year-old actor was last spotted in the Cayman Islands selling timeshares.

    His ex-wife, Elizabeth Chambers, and the couple’s two kids, Harper 7, and Ford 5, have been staying at Robert Downey Jr.’s house to escape the media scrutiny which followed after people found Armie working such an odd job as selling timeshares.

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    The US Soil Welcomes Armie Hammer

    Armie Hammer's stay at the Florida rehab was financially supported by Robert Downey Jr.
    Armie Hammer

    Hammer was photographed on Monday, July 18, standing outside of the Great White Restaurant in Venice, California. He was dressed very casually, in a blue graphic tee and grey pants along with flip-flops footwear. In one hand he was holding a mask and in another a glass bottle of Pellegrino.

    The ‘Death on the Nile‘ actor faced a controversial downfall after his cannibalistic and rape fantasies surfaced on the internet. The actor who entered therapy was staying in Florida’s rehab center. It was reported that Robert Downey Jr. supported him financially throughout this scandal. He paid for 6 months of his rehab stay.

    Armie Cut Off From Family Fortune

    Armie Hammer Is Cut Off From All Family Fortunes
    Armie Hammer is cut off from all family fortunes

    After his treatment ended, the actor relocated himself back to the Cayman Islands and was involved in selling timeshares. Page Six talked to Hammer’s attorney regarding this matter, and he released a statement saying, “I can’t confirm or deny the report because Armie hasn’t addressed it. I just think it’s sh*tty that, if he is selling timeshares, the media is shaming him for having a ‘normal job.

    The general public was more struck by Armie Hammer’s new odd working job persona because of his family history. Armie is the great-grandson of the oil tycoon, Armand Hammer. However, apparently, Armie has been cut off from all family fortunes. An anonymous source told People, “His dad won’t help him anymore, and he’s been cut off, so he got to work.”

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