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    Ben Affleck Reveals One Thing Jennifer Lopez Wants To Change In Him

    Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were once the power couple of Hollywood. Their relationship began in mid-2002 and lasted till early 2004. The couple, also known as Bennifer, even got engaged but their planned wedding was canceled because of excessive media coverage.

    Both Affleck and Lopez tied the knot in July last year after their romance rekindled in the year 2021. In a recent interview, Affleck revealed what Lopez would change in him if given a chance.  So let us take a closer look at what the ‘Gone Baby Gone’ director said about Lopez.

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    Ben Affleck Talks About Jennifer Lopez

    Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
    Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

    On Friday, Ben Affleck appeared onThe Drew Barrymore Show. He opened up about the one thing Jennifer Lopez would want to change in him, despite her “never” admitting the same.

    She would probably want to cultivate brevity in the way I speak,” he said. “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I go on and on and on. I talk in circles. She’s never said that to me, but that would be my guess”.

    The ‘Argo‘ director also praised Lopez and called her “the most gorgeous woman in the world.” When Barrymore asked how she remains in a good shape all the time, Affleck said: “Jennifer just eats whatever she wants. She eats pizza, cookies, ice cream … everything.”

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    Affleck Recalls The Time When He Went Broke

    Ben Affleck and Matt Damon at the SXSW Film Festival Premiere of 'Air'
    Ben Affleck and Matt Damon

    In the same interview, Affleck talked about the initial phase of his career when he and his close friend Matt Damon, were struggling financially. They sold the script of ‘Good Will Hunting‘ for $600,000 and thought they were “rich for life”.

    [I thought], ‘My needs are over. I will never have to work again. I’m rich forever,’” Affleck said. However, their mismanagement of the money eventually made them broke. They paid $30,000 to their agent and $160,000 in taxes.

    Both the struggling actors were left with only so much money to buy a Jeep Cherokee and a $5,000-a-month “party house.” “We were broke in six months,” he recalls. But he feels that phase was “really valuable” for the two.

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