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    Benedict Cumberbatch Getting Jacked For Dr Strange 2

    Marvel is coming up with its best movies. 2021 was full of exciting shows and movies by it. And 2022 is also going to be the same. One of the most awaited movies is Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. And as we know, people love to know the secret scenes of the movies. Today, we will discuss one leaked photo of Benedict Cumberbatch that is going on online.

    Benedict Cumberbatch Getting Ready For Multiverse Of Madness

    The leaked photo is rumored to be for the role of Doctor Strange in the upcoming movie. And we all can see how well Benedict is maintaining himself for the role. He is having really well muscles, with six-pack abs and more. For the past many months, he was training for the movie. And as we know, Marvel is good at hiding everything related to the upcoming movie we don’t have many photos related to it. To talk about the release, of the movie, it will take place in May this year. And after many reshoots, its shooting ended recently. Like many other people, we are also eagerly waiting for the same.

    Another thing that makes the photo more amazing is that Benedict was not like this in any movie or show earlier. It is the first time we can see him in such amazing muscles. And we all can see that the picture is from a gym where he was training. Also, like other Marvel actors, we know how much it demands and expects from the actors and actresses to remain in shape. We can see Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, and many others too always in the good physique for their roles. But it is the first time we will see Doctor Strange in such a physique. But shockingly, as the Twitter account says, it is from the set of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. And we can see him lifting dumbles in the gym.

    Fake or Real?

    As we know, if a rumor rises, there also rises the rumor of it being fake. And same is happening with the leaked picture. People are saying maybe it is fake, old, or for any other movie. But according to the news, many photos earlier also showed Benedict without a beard.

    If we go back to 2016, we can see Benedict talking about his first time as Doctor Strange. He was also saying how the role needs the actor to be perfectly fit, and how they have very little time for breaks. He mentioned doing around 15 hours of shift per day. And how managing a family at home with doing a 15-ho

    ur shift can be so difficult. But as we know, Marvel is famous for its demands, as well as the fame it comes with the role.
    The first look of the movie, or we can say the teaser was out with the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home. And the story will continue in the upcoming movie. We will see how the actor will deal with his spell cast in Spider-Man. The movie will be in theatres on May 22.

    Sakshi Goel
    Sakshi Goel
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