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Bruce Willis And Ashton Kutcher Fight Over Demi Moore?

Is there a new controversy brewing between Ashton Kutcher, Bruce Willis, and Demi Moore or is it just a hoax? According to one source, the Die-Hard star is ordering his ex-wife to keep away from her other former partner. Gossip Cop seems to be on the case.


Avoid Demi at all costs!

Ashton and Demi
Ashton and Demi

According to Woman’s Day, Bruce Willis is upset that Demi Moore has reunited with Ashton Kutcher. Mila Kunis and the two ex-husbands reconnected for a TV ad. Willis, as Moore’s buddy, is stunned to see his former Girlfriend reconnect with the guy who caused her so much pain. Willis seemed to have awoken in a nightmare.

“He doesn’t trust Ashton and has never fallen for his nice guy charms,” a source revealed. His family will be eternally affected by the devastation he left behind.” Willis was aware of Kutcher’s habit of staying connected with his children, but he did not anticipate Moore becoming so close to Kutcher or Kunis.

According to a source, the Die-Hard star will not take this lying down. “Through a handful of influential friends, he warned Ashton to be cautious near Bruce’s family.” The insider continues, “It wasn’t so much a threat as a caution that he’s got Demi’s back.”


What Is The Situation Between Moore And Kutcher?

Bruce and Ashton
Bruce and Ashton

This story’s idea is a little strange. Demi Moore, not Ashton Kutcher, starred in a Super Bowl ad alongside Mila Kunis. The Punk’d star was clearly an influence for the witty commercial, but there’s no evidence he was involved in its production. The fact that this commercial exists implies that Kutcher and Moore are doing well than they were previously, but claiming that they reconnected and shot an ad together is deceptive and inaccurate.

In terms of the risk, how could Woman’s Day possible be aware of it? If Willis truly believed this, social media would have been a perfect platform for him to express his displeasure. Instead, according to the magazine, he relayed the message “through a few of prominent buddies.”

Take into account the following: Why don’t print the message if this so-called insider knows precisely what Willis is talking about? Why don’t you reveal who these influential associates are? The publication has no reason to keep these people’s identities hidden. On the contrary, Woman’s Day would be far more credible if it could really give the information it claims to have. This narrative is hazy and at least ten years old.


Truth Of The Matter?

Demi Moore rekindled her romance with Bruce Willis, according to this publication. While the public was bewildered when Willis opted to quarantine beside Moore rather than his wife, suffice it to say that the two never reconciled.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher were rumored to be getting a divorce in 2020, however, they look to be happier than ever. If you’re looking for actual facts on any of these people, it’s the last site you should look at.

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