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    Cardi B And Citygirl’s JT Get Into A Twitter Beef: Here’s Everything To Know

    Cardi B is no stranger to beef with other artists in the industry. Recently, she had a Twitter spat with ‘Transportin’ artist Cuban Doll. The artist alleges dating Offset while he was with Cardi B. However, Bardi and Cuban Doll did not stretch the issue. Now, the Grammy-winner is having another Twitter fight with the Citygirl’s JT, who also worked with Cardi in the 2018 song ‘Twerk.’

    The origin of this online beef was Cardi B praising GloRilla, with whom she recently collaborated on ‘Tomorrow 2.’ Later, JT also congratulated GloRilla, but forgot to mention Cardi. Fans were quick to pick up that she did not mention Cardi B. JT cited the tweet was long, so she omitted the name. Since then, the battle of words has heated. Here’s everything that happened.

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    Fans Fuelled The Fire Between Cardi B And JT

    Cardi B and JT
    Cardi B and JT

    Things heated up for JT and Cardi B on DMs and Twitter timelines! It was a moment of celebration for Cardi B and GloRilla as their song debuted at No.9 on Billboard’s Hot 100. On the occasion, Cardi B tweeted, “COOOUUUUSIIIINNNN WE MADE THE TOP TEN @GloTheofficial!!!!” In the tweet, a Cardi stan replied, “JT Akbar, BIA & Katie bands after seeing Glorilla get a top 10 hit without doing all the d**k riding and extra s**t.”

    To the fan dig, JT replied, “I’m not like that at alllll. I been doing remixes & never got credited ON A CHART BUT they get sung word for word and help push the original songs as intended unlike y’all well I can’t even say y’all cause you don’t rap, you TWEET! Congratulations Glo & stream FNF remix AND QUEENMIX.”

    The tea was steaming when the rapper posted a Billboard tweet acknowledging an addition of a new Top 10 single in Billboard 100 in six consecutive years. She wrote, “AND MY RECORDS LIVE IN THE TOP TEN.” Another fan hit JT for not mentioning Cardi in her congratulatory tweet. The fan speculated that JT is afraid of Nicki Minaj and “will get a whip.”

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    The Artists Called Each Other “Lapdog” and “Weiner Dog”

    Citygirl's JT and Cardi B
    Citygirl’s JT and Cardi B

    Fans were not ready to let the Citygirl artist go! A fan asserted that Nicki put her up to this. JT wrote, “NO NO NO & NO again! See y’all wanna know so bad & be WRONG! I don’t gossip with her about NOBODY all this because of FAN pages!”

    Cardi B finally clapped back and called her “lapdog.” JT did not hold herself back and reverted to the collaborator calling her a “wiener dog.”

    The ‘Clout’ rapper also asked her to “Go Fetch.” Both artists started DMing each other. JT said, “Cardi you go fetch a real talent! We DM’ing why you come back here to put on a show for these KIDS?”

    The ‘Invasion Of Privacy’ rapper circled back and said, “So wait, me and you talking in the DM woman to woman, but YOU take it to your timeline and throw shots calling me a bully and a wiener… Why you playing dumb? And YOU talking about a talent?! haaaaa! You forgot P tried to put me on wit your writer?”

    Both the artists went rogue on each other with JT claiming that Cardi did not have any sound or hook, so she collaborated with them. Here’s what unfolded after:

    After a few tweets bringing each other down, JT ended up tweeting, “Sigh!.” Nicki Minaj or GloRilla did not participate in the spat, but Nicki Minaj did change JT as her DP on Twitter for a while.

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