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    Cardi B Tests Her Outdoor Survival Skills In All New ‘Cardi Tries’

    Cardi B writes in ‘I Like It’ that she likes dollars, diamonds, and stunning and shining million-dollar deals. The rapper-singer listed all of her interests in her 2018 smash hit single with Bad Bunny and Jay Balvin, but it didn’t include camping in the woods. And yet, on the latest episode of Cardi Tries, the show that follows her and her friends as they try out new skills, she does just that.

    What Did Cardi B Do In The Video Released By Her?

    Cardi B's Show Cardi Tries
    Cardi B’s Show Cardi Tries

    Cardi Tries’ April 22 episode covered a deep hike. In the episode, Bodak yellow singer is joined by Affion Crockett from Wild ‘N Out and survivalist author Donny Dust. All three of them go on a deep hike into the wilderness that California has to offer. The group is testing how well Cardi is able to survive in a life-or-death survival situation. Donny teaches Cardi and Affion Crockett to build a shelter out of the limited natural resources. He teaches them to build a house from only leaves. Cardi while lying on her leaves bed is matching the surrounding with her camouflage attire! She then asked her companions to cover her all up with leaves. Though she is seen requesting Dust to not cover her face with leaves as it is cute. But then Crockett suggests to Cardi that she looks cute the other way.

    Where Can One Watch It?

    Cardi B Surviving using the limited resources
    Cardi B Surviving using the limited resources

    The episode will arrive at noon ET on various social media platforms like Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. It can be viewed with the Watch Together feature. In the series, Donny Dust will also demonstrate tent-building, and water purification, amongst the other skills to Cardi and Affion Crockett. Donny Dust is also seen teaching one of the less glamorous survival skills, that is, going to the bathroom outside and covering your tracks to Cardi and Affion. In this week’s episode, Cardi will also be doing her best “scare pose” to ward off any of the forest’s predators. Cardi even enjoys the outdoor-potty portion, comparing it to peeing in the park on her way home from the club. Throughout it all, she makes Dust laugh and makes him lose his cool by using an innuendo-inspiring LifeStraw.

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