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    Chris Rock Cracks A Joke About Will Smith Targeting Cancel Culture At His New Stand-Up

    During one of his most recent stand-up comedy events, Chris Rock cracked a joke about Will Smith, which was a hint that he may finally be ready to discuss the 2022 Oscars’ predicament.

    On Saturday night, Rock and Kevin Hart performed their stand-up at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Attendees at that location claim that Rock joked about getting slapped by Smith.

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    Chris Rock Makes Will Smith Joke At Stand-Up Show

    Chris Rock is following in Kevin Hart’s footsteps by making fun of the other person’s suffering. Only Headliners Allowed is a comedy tour that the comedian and Kevin Hart are co-headlining. 

    Rock reportedly cracked a joke during his act about being smacked by Will Smith when hosting the Oscars, as was reported in recent headlines

    “Chris Rock and Kevin Hart’s show at Madison Square Garden was the best night in comedy,” According to Entertainment Tonight. “Chris made a joke about Will during a bit about ‘cancel culture,’ joking that ‘anyone who says words hurt has never been punched in the face.'” 

    Rock has made some jokes about the incident in the months that have passed since the incident. Will Smith had rushed the stage at the Academy Awards and slapped Chris Rock in response to a joke that Rock had made about Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. The incident occurred during the live broadcast of the award ceremony.

    Smith’s Popularity Decreased After Slapping Chris Rock

    Will Smith Lost Since Slapping Rock
    Will Smith Lost Since Slapping Rock

    Will Smith has been losing thousands of followers every day on Instagram in the months that followed the infamous Oscar’s smack, whilst Chris has been gradually gaining followers.

    According to new information, the star of ‘King Richard’ has lost a staggering 256,110 followers on Instagram over the course of the last month, which works out to an average of 8,000 a day.

    While Smith has kept a fairly low profile since the event in March, Rock has already begun a tour in the United States and is set to appear in the upcoming movie Amsterdam.

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    As of the end of March, Rock had gained a total of 1,155,773 followers as a direct result of the event.

    On the other side, Smith has not made any new posts to his account since March, when he issued an apology to Rock and made a statement about the slap.

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