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    Dakota Fanning’s First Cell Phone Was A Birthday Gift From Tom Cruise, Who Still Sends Her Presents Every Year

    Dakota Fanning is recalling the special significance her first-ever cellphone holds for her. Revealing that it was Tom Cruise who had gifted it to her on her birthday, Fanning gleefully mentioned that she still continues to receive birthday presents from him.

    In a recent Harper’s BAZAAR interview, the Ripley’ star was playing a question-answer game with her co-star Andrew Scott. When Scott was posed with the question “Who gave Dakota her first phone?”, he made a wild guess but answered correctly. “Okay, well it’s going to be some Hollywood icon … Tom Cruise?” Scott said.

     Beaming with joy, Dakota recalled her iconic Motorola Razr that Cruise gifted her on her 11th birthday. Now 30, the actress recalled feeling “so cool” when she received it as a gift from her then-co-star.

    Oh, my God, I was so excited,” she said, though noting that it was not the most useful gift as she had nobody to “call or text at that time.” “You know, I was 11.But I loved having it. I loved it. I felt so cool,” the actress said.

    Dakota Fanning further revealed that Tom Cruise’s love for her didn’t end there. She said that Hollywood star has continued to send her birthday gifts every year since that memorable birthday, including one for her recent 30th birthday.

    Tom sends me a birthday gift every year, and has since that birthday,” she said. “So thoughtful. Really, really nice,” she said of the ‘Top Gun’ star.

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    Dakota Fanning Shares A Non-Intimidating Dynamic With Many Big Stars She Worked With As A Child

    Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning
    Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning

    However, Tom Cruise isn’t the only Hollywood legend to have bestowed gifts upon Fanning. In a separate interview for ELLE’s ‘Ask Me Anything‘ series, Fanning revealed that Kurt Russell, her co-star in 2005’s ‘Dreamer’, also once gifted her a horse as a wrapped present.

    Dakota Fanning has worked with several renowned celebrities from a young age. Speaking of the same, she revealed that she never felt intimidated by their fame or status. Growing up surrounded by such figures, she became accustomed to their presence.

    When you’re 8 years old you’re sort of just getting to know a person as a person and not thinking about all of the other stuff, you know?” she said, clarifying how her naivety at a young age allowed her to approach them as human beings rather than icons.

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