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    Drake Got A New Tattoo With Selena Gomez’s Initials. Is It Dedicated To Her?

    Canadian rapper and singer Drake is one of the most streamed artists worldwide. The rapper has many a time ignited new topics of discussion, the latest being his new tattoo.

    It was just a few days back when the ‘God’s Plan‘ rapper was pulling his father, Dennis Graham’s leg for getting a bizarre tattoo of his face on his arms and just a few days later, Drake himself pulls off a new tattoo, on an unanticipated part of his body. The initials of the tattoo spark twitter reactions. 

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    What Does Drake’s ‘SG’ Tattoo Signify?

    Drake dedicates his new face tattoo to his mother
    Drake’s new face tattoo

    Drake has over two dozen tattoos inked on his skin, and on Thursday, August 11, the 35-year-old rapper added another to the collection. He surprised his fans when he revealed his fresh tattoo inked right on his bare face, on Instagram. The shared photo was an extremely close-up image of the tattoo, revealing the initials ‘S’ and ‘G’ in lower-case English script beneath his left eye.

    The initials are of no crush or the musician’s love interest, but of his darling mother, Sandra “Sandi” Gayle Graham. Drake captioned the post with a sweet and short, “Sandra Gale.” He did not add any extra details about the tattoo. However, it is well known that the rapper and his mother’s relationship is strong and sweet. Through Instagram, the singer has always shared the deep admiration he has for his mother. On Mother’s Day last year, the rapper shared a video slideshow of his childhood pictures with his mother. Sandra even voiced over the video and was heard saying, “The role of mother never comes to an end, never.”

    Twitter Reactions To Drake Getting A Face Tattoo

    Twitter reacts to Drake's new face tattoo
    Twitter reacts to Drake’s new face tattoo

    Twitter did what Twitter does the best—reacted hilariously, and unexpectedly, over their favorite rapper’s new tattoo. One Twitter user even joked, “Drake gets face tattoo with Selena Gomez’s initials.

    Another of his fans tweeted, “Now I have to get one. Gotta keep up with our god yk.

    Some fans also said they’re inspired by Drake for choosing to get a face tattoo even at the age of 35. The tweet went, “next time you’re worried you’re too old to do something, remember that drake got a face tattoo at 35.

    Another user joked, “Drake must be having his mid life crisis already getting that face tattoo.

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