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    Dwayne Johnson Announces ‘Tales From The Territories’ Series

    Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock is one of the biggest superstars in Hollywood right now. The former WWE wrestler is one of the highest-grossing and highest-paid actors, with a total gross of $10.5 billion worldwide. He is also very active in philanthropy and has several business ventures.

    The Rock also owns Seven Bucks Productions, which is a production company in various fields. Johnson has now announced a brand new series titled ‘Tales from the Territories‘. This pro-wrestling documentary is a co-production with Vice News. The news broke out on Monday.

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    Dwayne Johnson Launches A New Documentary Series

    Dwayne Johnson

    Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is also an active producer apart from being a successful actor. He has produced several shows and films under his banner, Seven Bucks Productions.

    The ‘Rampage’ actor announced on Monday a new documentary series titled ”Tales from the Territories‘. This pro-wrestling docu series is a joint production between Seven Bucks and Vice Media.

    Johnson took to Instagram to share the teaser clip. He wrote: “In my life ~ pro wrestling will always be known as “the business” and will always be one of my greatest core passions and loves.”


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    He further added: “Relive the unbelievable true life stories of wrestling’s greatest eras and groundbreaking territories as told by the groundbreaking legends themselves.”

    These legends may not be on Pro Wrestling’s MOUNT RUSHMORE, but they did something much more important — they BUILT PRO WRESTLING’S MOUNT RUSHMORE,” the 50-year-old actor wrote

    The Docu-Series Will Explore Territory Days Of Wrestling

    Fans boo at Dwayne Johnson as his statement dashes fans' hopes
    Dwayne Johnson, one of the producer on the show

    According to, ‘Tales of the Territories‘ is produced by the same team who brought us ‘Dark Side of the Ring.’

    The official synopsis of the show mentions that it will explore the hay days of the wrestling business, much before it became a national phenomenon.

    The territory days were the time before wrestling expanded nationally, when different areas across the US and Canada, aka ‘Territories,’ were areas dominated by unscrupulous bookers, rabid fans who fervently believed in their favorite characters and fearless wrestlers who blurred the lines between fiction and reality both inside and outside the ring.”

    The trailer of the series featured some of the greatest wrestling legends of all time including The Rock, his father Rocky, Hulk Hogan, and Bret Hart among others.

    Tales of the Territories‘ will premiere on October 4 on Vice TV.


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