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    Dwayne Johnson Explains The Reason Behind ‘The Smashing Machine’ Getting Delayed

    There are a million reasons for a movie to fall apart. But miscommunication is a major part of why most projects never come to fruition. Dwayne Johnson, who stars in A24’s Mark Kerr biopic, almost missed his chance. The discussions around the project started back in 2019 with Benny Safdie. But no thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, they turned to different projects. 

    Dwayne Johnson has cleared the air about the delays on the project. The former wrestler-turned-actor admitted to his culpability, releasing how his lack of communication spoke of his lack of interest. But he didn’t let the project fall apart, getting in touch with the director, Benny Safdie, as soon as possible.

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    Dwayne Johnson On The Disconnect Over ‘The Smashing Machine’

    Former wrestler-turned-actor didn't get back to writer-director Benny Safdie (right) initially
    Former wrestler-turned-actor didn’t get back to writer-director Benny Safdie (right) initially

    Dwayne Johnson is taking a break from commercial blockbuster to star in ‘The Smashing Machine.’ The Mark Kerr biopic marks the solo directorial debut of Benny Safdie. A24 has greenlighted the project. In an interview with Variety, the ‘Fast Five’ actor reveals why the project took so long to get off the ground.

    After the pandemic, both Benny Safdie and Dwayne Johnson focussed on other projects. Johnson, in retrospect, can see how Safdie “thought I ghosted him.” But thanks to Emily Blunt, Johnson and Safdie reconnected. The former WWE star looks forward to playing Kerr in a way that is “uncomfortable and arresting.”

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    ‘San Andreas’ Star Makes A Pit Stop At WWE

    The 51-year-old entertainer trolled 'Baywatch' during his WWE return
    The 51-year-old entertainer trolled ‘Baywatch’ during his WWE return

    Despite his schedule, Dwayne Johnson returned to his old stomping grounds. The former wrestler-turned-actor returned to WWE Raw and got into a verbal brawl with Jinder Mahal. But the trash-talking wasn’t limited to his opponent. The 51-year-old entertainer took a jab at his own movie.

    Dwayne Johnson quickly jumped into his wrestling persona. But he took a moment to make fun of ‘Baywatch’ during his verbal joust with Mahal, saying, “Nobody likes you, and you’re not funny. As a matter of fact, if you were one of the Rock’s movies, you would probably be Baywatch.”

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