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    Elizabeth Olsen Reveals She Never Met John Krasinski Before Dr. Starnge 2

    Elizabeth Olsen in her recent polygraph test disclosed fewer secrets and more chaos. Her Vanity Fair‘s lie detector test which was on May 13, left fans bewildered. The MCU actress, in this interview, claims to have never met John Krasinski, even though they starred opposite each other in Marvel’s latest release Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.  

    Details Of The Polygraph Test Incident

    Elizabeth Olsen giving her Polygraph Test
    Elizabeth Olsen giving her Polygraph Test

    Olsen starts laughing when shown a photo of fellow co-star, John. She was then posed with the question if he was “the smartest man alive,” keeping in mind the character he plays in the MCU(He plays Fantastic Four leader Reed Richards and is known for his intelligence in the comics.) 

    “No!” She exclaims. “I don’t know him though, but I would never assume that an actor would be the smartest man alive.” 

    When she was further inquired about it, she said, “I don’t think so. No, I’ve never met him,” she said. “And [the polygraph examiner] already told me that I’ve lied a couple of times. I’ve never met that man.”

    “I’ve met his wife though,” Olsen added.

    Marvel Fans’ Reaction

    A Poster made of Elizabeth Olsen's characters
    A Poster made of Elizabeth Olsen’s characters

    The Marvel fans were left surprised by this revelation and this was talked about on social media. They compared Olsen’s hilarious response to Keke Palmer’s iconic “Sorry to this Man” moment during her own polygraph test. 

    A comment left by one fan said, “Elizabeth Olsen took one look at John Krasinski’s photo and said ‘i don’t know that man’ even though they were in the same movie.” 

    One of the users was awed by the whole filming process. He says, “The fact that Elizabeth Olsen & John Krasinski filmed an entire scene together in #MultiverseOfMadness and never actually met each other is extraordinary. Wow, I love movie magic.” 

    Elizabeth Olsen Reveals Details Of Her Co-Stars

    Chris Evans, Elizabeth Olsen & Benedict Cumberbatch
    Chris Evans, Elizabeth Olsen & Benedict Cumberbatch

    Olsen talks about some of her Marvel co-stars that she luckily has met during the shooting. The list includes Benedict Cumberbatch. She describes him as, “a bit” like an excited otter.  

    Olsen also talks about her Captain America: Civil War co-star Chris Evans. She reveals his secret and love for tap dancing. Evans apparently does this on set too as she added, “That’s one of the things I like about him.” 

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