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    “We Started Having S** All The Time”: Elliot Page Reveals How A Passionate Secret Affair With ‘Juno’ Co-Star Olivia Thirlby Helped With His ‘Shame’

    More secrets from the horse’s mouth. Elliot Page‘s newly released memoir ‘Pageboy’ is turning out to be a treasure trove of salacious details from the ‘Juno’ actor’s life. He writes about having a 24/7 sexual relationship with her co-star Olivia Thirlby while filming Juno in 2007. Thirlby, then 19, played Juno’s best friend Leah.

    Earlier this week, devastating stories of Elliot Page receiving verbal abuse for his sexuality came out. ‘The Umbrella Academy’ actor also received having an affair with actress Kate Mara. They were involved at the same time Mara was going out with her former boyfriend, actor Max Minghells. Now that the book is out, it’s only about time more secrets are spilled.

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    Elliot Page And Olivia Thirlby’s Not-So-Secret Affair While Filming ‘Juno’

    A still from 'Juno' featuring Olivia Thirlby and Elliot (formerly Ellen) Page
    A still from ‘Juno’ featuring Olivia Thirlby and Elliot (formerly Ellen) Page

    Elliot Page is not shying away from describing his past sexual dalliances. The ‘Juno’ actor claims to have sex “all the time” with his co-star actress Olivia Thirlby. As Elliot describes, she was the “first woman I had a suitably consensual sexual relationship with.”

    Elliot Page called their chemistry “palpable” as he remembers being “embarrassingly shy” around her. It was Olivia Thirlby who made the move by confessing her attraction. The Canadian actor recalled, “We started having sex all the time: her hotel room, in our trailers at work, once in a tiny, private room in a restaurant.”

    He added, “What were we thinking? We thought we were subtle. Being intimate with Olivia helped my shame dissipate. I didn’t see a glint of it in her eyes and I wanted that — done feeling wretched about who I am.” 

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    Elliot Page’s Previous Relationship With Kate Mara

    Kate Mara and Elliot Page

    His time with Olivia Thirlby wasn’t the only secret affair ‘The Umbrella Academy’ has written about. The memoir also has a chapter detailing her secret relations with actress Kate Mara. The Canadian actor soon got involved with Kate Mara expressing a heartbreak. At the time they were together, Kate Mara was also with actor Max Minghella who was supportive of them.

    The ‘Juno’ and ‘Inception’ actor also gives an account of the verbal abuse she faced aimes at her sexuality. In her book, she recalled how a famous Hollywood refused to believe in the concept of sexuality. He went too far with Elliot (then Ellen), him,  “I’m going to f*** you to make you realize you aren’t gay.”

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