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    Elon Musk Calls AOC A Puppet After She Publicly Comments On Replacing Her Tesla With A Union Built EV

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk is always at the center of controversies. From his Twitter buyout to tweets war with Microsoft CEO, Bill Gates and now he has landed in a tiff with the Democrats.

    In the 2020 elections, the Democrats won both houses of Congress and the presidency. The party had focused on climate change. The Democrats coming into power was beneficial for Musk as EV maker Tesla is the leading producer of sustainable products.

    However, lately, cracks became visible in the relationship between Tesla and the new administration. This became more apparent after Tesla was left out of an EV summit held at the White House.

    The EV Summit 2022 Excludes Elon Musk

    EV Summit 2022 at the White House
    EV Summit 2022 at the White House

    This year the EV summit attendees included executives from General Motors, Ford, United Autoworkers’, as well as Stellantis, the company formed by the merger of Fiat Chrysler and France’s PSA. President Biden made an opening statement at the beginning of the summit by congratulating GM CEO Marry Barra for leading the transition to electric vehicles.

    President was later called out for this statement. As the facts indicate that in the first 3 months of 2022, GM only delivered 457 electric vehicles worldwide. Whereas, in the same time frame, Tesla has delivered over 300,000 EVs. They alone are accountable for more than 70% of EVs sold in the US.

    Following this, the relations between the Entrepreneur and the Democrats went downhill. Furthermore, Democrats in Congress introduced a new EV incentive bill. According to the new bill, Tesla buyers would get an $8,000 federal EV incentive while Ford and GM will get an additional $4,000 for building their EVs in unionized factories.

    The worst escalation between the democrats and Elon Musk is said to be when Musk announced his intention to buy Twitter. Musk announced the intention behind this act was to restore free speech on the social media platform.

    Ocasio-Cortez Against Tesla?


    Recently, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), representing New York’s 14th district announced that she wants to replace her white Tesla Model 3 to get another EV made in a unionized factory.

    In an interview with Bloomberg, Ocasio-Cortez explained why she bought a Tesla in 2020 saying “at the time, it was the only EV that could get me from New York to Washington on like one or one-and-a-half charges. I would love to switch.”

    A Twitter user informed Musk of Ocasio-Cortez’s decision to replace her Tesla. He responds to this tweet by saying, “The degree to which the unions control the Dems is insane. It’s like watching a sock puppet “talk”, but the hand inside the sock is way too obvious!

    Musk at the same time started running a Twitter poll asking his followers who they trustless, politicians or billionaires. 75.8% of the 2.7 million participants said they trust politicians less with the remaining 24.2% choosing billionaires.

    After the polls, Musk calls out representative Ocasio-Cortez saying “I dare you to run the same poll with your followers”. A Twitter user responds to this request of Musks. He says, “are you picking on her cause she said she wants to switch from Tesla to another EV.” Musk’s response was an eye and smiley face emoji.

    Amidst all this drama, Musk has been accused of sexual misconduct by a SpaceX commercial flight hostess. The Tesla CEO has called this a politically motivated attack by Democrats.

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