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    Top Lieutenant Of Elon Musk Faces Termination After Purchasing “Special Glass” For Him, Claims It Was For A Secret Project

    Elon Musk and controversies are “a match made in heaven.” The CEO of Tesla Motors is found in another topic of probing and scrutiny. One of his top lieutenants has come under investigation after he was found to be engaged in a purchase of hard-to-get construction materials.

    The purchase has come under suspicion, and Tesla has already fired some employees who were involved in this activity. Elon Musk’s top lieutenant, Omead Afshar, was overseeing this purchase, and insiders have reported that he’d soon be asked to part ways with Tesla.

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    What Exactly Triggered The Internal Investigation In Tesla?

    Elon Musk's top lieutenant caught in 'special glass' purchase, triggers internal investigation
    Elon Musk’s top lieutenant caught in ‘special glass’ purchase, triggers an internal investigation

    Omead Afshar is the director of the office of the CEO of Tesla. Since Sam Teller, Musk’s chief of staff, left in 2019, Omead Afshar in practice got his position. He is often the medium between Musk and other important ongoing events. Omead was leading the construction of Gigafactory, Texas.

    A report from Bloomberg claimed that Afshar might have to leave Tesla, leaving Musk devoid of a chief of staff again, for the second time. The report stated, “Omead Afshar, one of Elon Musk’s top lieutenants and the executive running Tesla Inc.’s Texas factory, is under scrutiny in an internal investigation for his role in a plan to purchase hard-to-get construction materials, according to people familiar with the matter.”

    When the purchase of a “special glass” for a “secret project” was made, the finance department quickly tapped into it and flagged it as “suspicious,” which triggered an internal investigation.

    The report further claimed, “Tesla has already fired some employees in relation to the probe, and the electric-vehicle maker plans to part ways with Afshar, likely through a leave of absence initially, the people said, asking not to be identified discussing private information. Terms of his exit are still being worked out.”

    How Is Elon Musk Connected To This “Suspicious” Purchase?

    Elon Mus might face repercussions by Tesla
    Elon Musk

    The internal investigation is on, but it is yet to be revealed what was so special about this ‘glass,’ and what was this ‘secret project.’ Some Speculators are claiming that this purchase was made for Musk himself. The order was placed through Tesla’s purchasing department for a secret project, which is the real crux of the problem.

    Publicly traded companies, like Tesla, cannot let purchases for personal uses be made through their purchasing department since it’ll create a lot of liabilities for the company. If Musk comes out to be involved, he might face repercussions. However, what will be the nature of these actions against Musk cannot be assumed as of yet.

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