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    Ethan Hawke Says Marvel Is “Extremely Actor-Friendly, Not Director-Friendly”

    Marvel Studios is ever expanding! But the consistent growth brings criticisms along with it. Marvel got webbed in yet another controversy when iconic directors such as Martin Scorsese and Francis Coppola criticized marvel. They claimed that Marvel is setting the bar too low.

    Ethan Hawke, who has been an integral part of Marvel as Arthur Harrow in Disney’s ‘Moon Knight’ shared his opinion regarding the controversy. Being closely related to both Marvel and these directors, he chose a rather diplomatic approach.

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    Ethan Hawke Says Marvel Is ‘Extremely Actor-Friendly,’ Not Very ‘Director-Friendly’

    Ethan Hawke
    Ethan Hawke

    An interview with IndieWire published Tuesday featured the Academy Award-nominated actor Ethan Hawke sharing his point of view of this whole criticism thing going on with Marvel.

    “If people like Scorsese and Coppola don’t come out to tell their truth about how there are more important things than making money, who’s going to?” Hawke inquired.

    It’s easy for them, but it needs to be somebody in the community saying, ‘Hey, everybody, this is not Fanny and Alexander,” Hawke added. “If you keep reviewing these movies that are basically made for 14-year-olds like they’re Fanny and Alexander or Winter Light, then who the hell’s going to get to make Winter Light? I appreciate the elder statesmen of the community reminding people not to set the bar too low.”

    He continued, “I know it makes some people think they’re stuck up, but they’re not stuck up.” Hawke, for his part, said he had a “really good experience” on Moon Knight opposite Oscar Isaac, but suggested that Marvel films aren’t always the most “director-friendly.” “That group of people is extremely actor-friendly — they might not be director-friendly, and that could be what Scorsese and Coppola are talking about,” he explained.

    Ethan Hawke Talks About Algorithm

    Ethan Hawke
    Ethan Hawke 

    Ethan Hawke thinks Kevin Feige was the first to figure out the ultimate algorithm behind a bigger success of Marvel.

    “I think Kevin Feige had a great thing happen with Robert Downey Jr. and he understood that Downey’s passion was a large part of the success,” Hawke said.

    When actors are excited by a part, audiences get excited about watching them. Feige understood the algorithm there, so they’re extremely respectful toward the process. The best thing about Moon Knight for me was Oscar’s performance. It’s a gonzo thing that happens to have a giant budget — a pretty out-there performance,” He concluded.

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