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    Eva Green Comes Out In Support Of Johnny Depp Amid His Ongoing Legal Battle With Amber Heard

    Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are now going through a bitter court battle. The former couple is getting ready to square off against one another at the Fairfax County Circuit Court in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Amber wrote an opinion article for the Washington Post in 2018 in which she stated that she had been the victim of domestic abuse.

    Johnny Depp responded by suing Amber for defamation after the op-ed allegedly destroyed his career. In spite of the fact that Amber had not mentioned him in the article, it was clear that Depp was the abuser she talked about. Since that time, a flood of A-listers has given their thoughts and ideas about the issue in question. Eva Green, who worked with Johnny Depp in the past, has now shown her support for him.

    Johnny Depp Gets Eva Green’s Full Support

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    During the course of the defamation trial involving Amber Heard, Eva Green tweeted her support for Johnny Depp. Green and Depp co-starred in the fantasy horror comedy “Dark Shadows,” which was directed by Tim Burton in 2012 and was an adaptation of the television soap opera of the same name.

    She stated, “I have no doubt Johnny will emerge with his good name and wonderful heart revealed to the world, and life will be better than it ever was for him and his family.”

    Popular Figures Such As Chris Rock Also Came In Support Of Depp

    Chris Rock supported Depp
    Chris Rock supported Depp

    During the course of Johnny Depp’s current trial in Virginia, which began on April 11, a number of well-known figures, including Eva Green and Chris rock have shown their support for the actor.

    Chris Rock, who was performing a comedy act in London at the beginning of this month, also made supportive claims about Johnny Depp. During the course of the trial, the allegation that Heard allegedly defecated on Depp’s bed pillows has been brought up more than once.

    “Believe all women, believe all women, except Amber Heard. What the fuck is she on?” Chris Rock quoted.

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