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    “F—- Ted Cruz”: RuPaul Criticizes Ted Cruz For His Stance On Same-Sex Marriage

    RuPaul, a well-known drag queen, and television celebrity have voiced her disapproval of Ted Cruz’s position on same-sex marriage. RuPaul asserted that Cruz is “extremely incorrect” and that he “doesn’t understand what love is” in her response to Cruz’s comments. RuPaul has also asserted that Cruz’s viewpoints are founded on bigotry and ignorance.

    On Thursday’s broadcast of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live,’ the host of RuPaul’s Drag Race, who was filling in for the show’s regular presenter, Jimmy Kimmel, criticized the conservative Texas senator’s recent statements regarding the same-sex marriage.

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    Ted Cruz’s Attitude Toward Same-Sex Marriage Is Criticized By RuPaul

    Ted Cruz
    Ted Cruz

    RuPaul made sure that Ted Cruz had already received his verbal smackdown for the senator’s position against same-sex marriage before he delivered it.

    After the politician stated that the historic Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court judgment from 2015 was “clearly wrong,” Mama Ru put Cruz in his place with four simple words. The case determined that homosexual couples had a fundamental right to marry.

    “Chile, f— Ted Cruz,” This was mentioned by the anchor of “Gayer News,” who has won an Emmy for his work, during a program in which he reworked current news with a queer spin. After that, without pausing for breath, Ru went on to the following subject.

    The comments made by RuPaul come at a time when there is a rising worry that the Supreme Court, which just recently abolished protections for abortion rights when it reversed Roe v. Wade, might soon take action against same-sex marriage.

    RuPaul Becomes The Most Awarded Black Artist In The History Of The Emmys


    RuPaul has become the most honored Black artist in the history of the Emmy Awards, making him a historic figure.

    RuPaul, a drag queen, actor, and television personality who is 60 years old broke a record when she earned an award for her work as an executive producer on ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race,’ which took home the trophy for Outstanding Competition Program.

    “Thanks to all of our lovely children on our show, from around the world. They are so gracious to tell their stories of courage and how to navigate this difficult life, even more, difficult today. This is for you,” RuPaul stated. “For you kids out there watching, you have a tribe that is waiting for you. We are waiting for you, baby. Come home to Mama Ru!”

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