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    Former Agent Of Johnny Depp Claims That He Has “Fundamental Anger Issues”

    Johnny Depp’s agent claims that after working with Him for more than 30 years, she can definitely say that he has “fundamental troubles with wrath, romanticizes drug abuse, and became progressively tough over the previous decade. She represented him until Johnny Depp terminated her in 2016.

    Depp sacked Tracey Jacobs in 2016, saying that he became the “greatest celebrity in the world” and was “extraordinarily skilled” while she represented Depp for 30 years. Jacobs was not informed of the reason for her termination. “Because he got rid of pretty much everyone else in his life, I guess all I can do is go along for the ride,” said Jacob.

    It was brought to light in the courtroom that part of Depp’s deposition hinted that she was participating in an unlawful plot with a person he was suing and that she was just interested in the money from it. Jacobs referred to it as a “big deception.”

    Tracey Jacobs Testifies Against Johnny Depp

    Tracey Jacobs testifies against Johnny
    Tracey Jacobs testifies against Johnny

    Depp’s ‘unprofessional behavior,’ according to Jacobs, a phrase she claimed ‘covers a lot of different things.’ She stated “Showing up late to set, on almost every movie,” was the reason behind Johnny’s declining credeblity. “You are a tough client,” I never stated, but I was extremely forthright in telling him that he must stop doing this because it affects him. And that’s exactly what happened. In spite of talking to Depp, he didn’t seem to care about changing his ways.

    As a result of his increasing alcohol and drug consumption, Jacobs claims that Depp’s conduct changed. Amber’s attorney, Elaine Bredehoft, questioned if Depp had ‘romanticized drug culture,’ according to Heard. Yes, Jacobs said.

    ‘Mr. Depp has fundamental difficulties with anger?’ Bredehoft inquired. Yes, Jacobs said. Was it worsening or staying the same during the course of your representation?’ Bredehoft wondered. The worsening has, indeed, occurred over time.

    Johnny Depp Emailed Jacob About Amber Heard

    Johnny Depp
    Johnny Depp

    According to Jacobs, she spoke with Disney’s senior executives multiple times and traveled to Australia twice to smooth things over. An email that Depp made to Jacobs while enraged that Heard was filming London Fields was submitted to the court by the prosecution.

    They performed one for her, but only with a body double because Depp had previously said he didn’t want her to do any naked sequences. If it’s not shut down, I’m suing them in 18 ways from Sunday,’ Depp warned Jacobs in an email.

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