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    General Hospital Star Kelly Monaco Narrowly Escapes A Devastating House Fire Started By A Cigarette

    Kelly Monaco, star of General Hospital, has opened up about the tragic loss of her home, which was brought down by a cigarette fire. The actress who is most known for her role as Sam McCall on the ABC soap opera claims that it all started when someone threw a cigarette butt near her residence.

    As she awakened in her house in California, her yard was already well on its way to being consumed by flames, and the blaze had already reached the rear windows. Even though Kelly was able to escape the fire unharmed, it quickly spread to the rest of her home and caused significant damage.

    Kelly Monaco’s House Was Destroyed Completely

    Kelly Monaco’s house was destroyed in fire
    Kelly Monaco’s house was destroyed in a fire

    The actress said, in the course of an interview, that even the least significant of factors might have a catastrophic impact. She also let the media source know that she wouldn’t be able to return home for some time as repairs were being made, although this was before the damage to Kelly’s house was very severe.

    It didn’t take long for the home to catch fire, and the origin of the blaze was a single cigarette butt that had been discarded on an empty lot next to the property. It has been predicted that the damages might be in the hundreds or perhaps the thousands of dollars, and it is expected that the region would be uninhabitable for some time. Kelly Monaco was extremely fortunate to only sustain minor injuries and survive the incident.

    Following an examination of the security film, the investigators arrived at the conclusion that the fire had been started by a stub of tobacco. No one is under the impression that it was done on purpose. A video is getting viral from the scene, multiple fire vehicles can be seen parked in front of her house, with firemen arriving and departing at a constant pace… and a great deal of haze!

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