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    Hayley Atwell Reveals Tom Cruise Did His Own Makeup, Hair And Even Helped Move The Props During ‘Mission: Impossible 7’ Shoot

    Tom Cruise is known as the best action hero in the industry. He is known to do his own death-defying stunts for the ‘Mission: Impossible‘ movies. And in the latest ‘Mission Impossible 7‘ Cruise has stunned everyone with his stunts. 

    However, did you know that the actor even learned to do his own hair and makeup? That is what we will be talking about today. While talking to Justin Hill, both Tom Cruise and his co-star, Hayley Atwell revealed that the star did his own hair and makeup. So let’s take a look right here.

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    Did Tom Cruise Do His Own Hair And Make-up?

    In an interview with Justin Hill, ‘Mission Impossible 7′ actor Hayley Atwell revealed that Tom Cruise did his own hair and makeup. “There was, at one point, I think that he was doing his own hair and makeup because we were in the middle of the pandemic,” Atwell said. She also added, “He was moving massive props just trying to help out to save time.” 

    So on the red carpet Justin Hill took a hold of the ‘Mission Impossible‘ star and asked him about it. The interview which he posted on his social media has gained widespread love from fans who are gushing over the many skills of the actor. 

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    Tom Cruise Tried To Cut His Own Hair

    Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 7
    Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 7

    Since ‘Mission Impossible 7′ shooting started amidst the pandemic, Cruise learned hair and makeup via Zoom. However, the ‘Top Gun‘ star shared an interesting story on the red carpet of the Sydney premiere of the film

    Cruise told Hill, “I took the scissors out because I was going to cut my hair.” He said when he recalled a prank he played on his hairdresser. Apparently, he tried to cut his hair on Zoom. 

    Cruise continued to say, “[The hairdresser] said, “Stop, stop, stop!”. I said, “Look, there’s this little part right here.” I started cutting my hair… She was having a heart attack.” Both Hill and Cruise shared a hearty laugh. Check out the full video right here. 

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