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    “He’s So Incredibly Skilled And So Generous”: Sandra Oh Gushes Over ‘The Sympathizer’ Co-star Robert Downey Jr

    Robert Downey Jr is widely one of the most versatile actors in the industry and Sandra Oh agrees. During an interview with Variety, ‘The Sympathizer’ actress opened up about her co-star Robert Downey Jr and how much she appreciates him both as an actor and a person.

    “The persona and all the work, who Robert is and who he has represented in other characters. He is playing these archetypes of Western white patriarchy…You’re going to glean a lot of meaning from that,” the actress said, during a recent interview with Variety. “He’s just so incredibly skilled and so, so generous,” the actress added.

    Further expressing her admiration for him and his illustrious career, the actress said, “I’m fascinated that he played Iron Man for over a decade and here he’s bringing all of himself with that history to play again these archetypes pillars of education, culture, politics, spy-craft…”

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    “He Is Willing To Go In The Satire Of Racism For His Role”: Sandra Oh Opens Up About RDJ’s Role in ‘The Sympathizer

    Robert Downy Junior is also part of the movie
    Robert Downy Jr

    Robert Downey Jr is set to play an antagonist who possesses a sense of duality with his racist views in ‘The Sympathizer‘. Talking about his character on the show, Sandra said Robert has adapted to the character given to him quite well.

    He has so much strength as an actor and the wideness of his persona as well, that he is willing to go into the satire and go into the racism for his character,” she said. She further added that RDJ brought “so many layers to the character and this casting for him to play this role is just amazing”.

    ‘The Sympathizer’ is a darkly satirical series based on the Vietnam War and its aftereffects. Downey is playing four roles to represent nasty Americans in the narrative. The story brings to its viewers an effective blend of politics, government, and reality. The Sympathizeris streaming on HBO. 

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