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    ‘House Of The Dragon’: Emma D’Arcy Talks About Her Most Challenging Scene

    Emma D’Arcy became a household name thanks to her amazing performance in HBO’s fantasy drama ‘House of the Dragon.’ The show, which is a prequel to ‘Game of Thrones‘, met with critical acclaim and impressive tv ratings. It has been renewed for a second season.

    In a recent interview, the British actress talked about her experience of shooting her most challenging scenes in the show. D’Arcy plays the role of Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen in the show, a character that has become a fan favorite. Let’s find out more about what she said.

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    Emma D’Arcy Talks About Her Most Challenging Scene In ‘House Of The Dragon’

    Emma DArcy
    Emma DArcy

    D’Arcy became an instant fan favorite thanks to her amazing and subtle performance in the HBO fantasy series. Her character resonated well with the audiences and critics.

    In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the English actress talked about her most challenging scene which was the birth scene in the final episode. She said it was challenging for “practical concerns.”

    In terms of performance, there’s a slightly unique challenge if you’re doing two big birth scenes in five episodes“, she said. “Trying to tell a narrative throughline while also doing something that’s physically demanding, it’s just challenging, and you don’t know if it comes off, really, until you see it onscreen.”

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    D’Arcy Talked About How She Learned Valyrian

    Emma D'Arcy in HOTD
    Emma D’Arcy in HOTD

    The actress said she learned the basics of the high Valyrian language. “I was lucky because I had a big High Valyrian monologue, but I didn’t have lots of dialogue sections in it“, she said.

    Being an operational language, Emma said “it’s really satisfying to unpick the thing.” They would receive the English translation of the High Valyrian, along with “a phonetic translation, and then also audio recordings, and one [method] would be to try and parrot back the audio recordings.”

    The actress was also able to use gestures mentioned in the language to “embed meaning into unfamiliar language.” She said she can order food or call a cab in that language.

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