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    “How Are You This Talentless”- Netizens Troll Beyonce’s Nephew Daniel Julez Smith After He Shared His Rap Video On TikTok

    Daniel Julez Smith Jr belongs to a family of entertainers. His mother Solange Knowles is a renowned singer-songwriter. Beyonce is his aunt who is one of the top global icons. Hip-hop veteran Jay-Z is Julez’s uncle and Grammy-award winner Blue Ivy is his first cousin.

    Fans expected him to be like his other family members as he comes from a rich musical background, but it looks like fans are pretty much disappointed. Daniel recently posted a rap video on his Tik Tok account. Daniel Julez Smith got brutally trolled for his unimpressive skills. The majority of the social media users poked fun at him for having such a bad taste in music despite coming from a family that includes musical heavyweights.

    The Controversial Rap Video From Daniel

    Daniel Julez Smith
    Daniel Julez Smith

    Recently, Beyoncé’s nephew and Solange’s son Daniel Julez Smith Jr announced his entry into the music industry. His announcement Featured a snippet on TikTok on June 4. However, it didn’t really go well for him on the Internet. Fans roasted him brutally over his rap lyrics. Multiple social media pages shared the 17-year-old debutante’s video snippet. It got him over 100K views in no time.

    In the TikTok video, Daniel Julez Smith Jr is sitting in the studio donning a hoodie and sunglasses. The novice teen then raps over a loud beat spitting, “I had to pack that heat/She kept showing all the signs, but kept disturbing all my peace/I’m trying to feed the game to (N-word), but they always think it’s sweet/Just like Future said a while ago, the feds just did a sweep/F**k the London drip, we gone get our clothes shipped out from Greece.


    Many on the Internet Criticized Julez for his choice of words. The fans were upset with Daniel after listening to his mother and aunt. Julez made the headlines in April 2022 after one OnlyFans model claimed he had impregnated her after having sex over four times. Julez had denied the claims.

    Fans Reaction To The Rap Song

    Daniel Julez Smith
    Daniel Julez Smith

    Social media users flooded Twitter With merciless taunts for Julez over his fresh snippet. “Slap this child. How is Solange your mother, Beyonce your auntie, JayZ yo Uncle and Blue Ivy your cousin and u put this out! There are 50+ grammies in your family, Julez!” said one user.


    The next one tweeted, “You don’t see King Combs tryna be a “hood” rapper. That (N-word) talk about fly s**t, money, and girls. Ya know stuff he can relate to. Like Julez you’re Solange’s son and Beyoncé’s nephew. You better rap about the cranes in the sky and lemonade.”

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