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    How Did Taylor Swift Prevent Her Backing Dancers From Leaking Her Music?

    It has become too common for any musician’s music to leak before the release date. The leak may be in the form of low-bitrate mp3, Bit Torrent, etc., Artists like Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, Madonna, etc., faced the brunt of leaks. So, the artists make sure that the strenuous job of protecting one’s music should be done meticulously. The country music star turned pop icon Taylor Swift is also not new to her music getting leaked.

    The singer and songwriter also have had a history of her songs and albums getting leaked. After repeated instances of her music leaking pre-release, she took strict rather “smart” steps to ensure that the music was worth the wait of the Swifties. In one such instance, she shared how she makes sure that her backing dancers are not the perpetrators of leaking the music.

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    “I Commend Them Fully”: Taylor Swift Uses Click Track To Prevent Dancers From Leaking The Music

    Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran in 'End Game'
    Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran in ‘End Game’

    It is Taylor’s world and we are living in it! Currently, Swift is drowned in praises for her tenth studio album ‘Midnights’. The album has already proved to be a record-breaking one. The album became the most streamed album in a day in the history of Spotify. These record-breaking stints are not new for the artist. However, sometimes all these efforts may go in vain due to some netizens taking it upon themselves to release the music.

    So, to prevent any such mayhem, Taylor formulated a solution to reduce the exposure of her unreleased music as much as she can. Till her sixth studio album, she was completely aware of the fact that her music is not safe. So, with ‘Reputation’, Taylor took some preventive steps. In a behind-the-scenes video of her song with Ed Sheeran and Future titled ‘End Game’, she made sure that backing dancers do not listen to the song.

    If you remember the video, there is a scene in the pub before the video goes to London. In the scene, the dancers have earpieces that have click tracks—auditory cues usually played to sync visuals—playing. Swift explained, “I commend them fully because they’ve been pretending like there’s music playing when there’s not.”

    She held earpieces and said, “I have these in my ears. They’ve been dancing to a click track. It’s incredibly hard work.”

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    The Grammy-Winning Artist Had Her Albums Leaked In The Past

    Taylor Swift
    Taylor Swift

    The ‘folklore’ artist’s latest album was leaked two days before its release. Fans had songs ‘Anti-Hero’ and ‘Snow on the Beach’ available before its release. Before her tenth album, the artist faced the same problem. In 2014, when the artist was ready to release 1989, it leaked. However, Swifties did not let the leak affect the album. In an interview with NPR, Taylor reflected on the incident.

    She said, “Two days before the album came out, it leaked online, and it was the first time I’ve ever had an album leak without it trending on Twitter.” Her 2019 album ‘Lover’ also met with the same fate.

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