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    How Is Kim Kardashian Responsible For Kanye West And Julia Fox Split?

    Kanye West had a turbulent 2022, both personally and professionally. Due to his erratic behavior, he has caught the ire of celebrities and others. Ye has been blatantly pushing the white supremacist agenda by introducing t-shirts with ‘White Lives Matter’ written on them. He also went on an anti-Semitic spree, which led to the industry-wide ostracization of the rapper. His personal life was also turbulent.

    Kim Kardashian and Kanye West filed for divorce in 2021. But, in 2022, when Kim announced singlehood, Ye went on a rampage to bully the SKIMS owner and her loved ones. He also bullied her then-boyfriend, Pete Davidson. During that time, Ye started dating Julia Fox, but the relationship did not last. Now, Fox, in her memoir ‘Down the Drain’, is claiming that Kim convinced Kanye to part ways with her.

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    Kim Kardashian Told Kanye West About Julia Fox’s Drug Addiction

    Kim Kardashian told Kanye West about Julia Fox's addiction
    Kim Kardashian told Kanye West about Julia Fox’s addiction

    Julia Fox is baring it all in her new memoir, ‘Down the Drain’. In her latest book, Fox has chronicled her experimentation with various recreational drugs at a tender age. She admitted trying marijuana with her best friend Ella at the age of 11. The ‘Uncut Gems’ actress confirmed trying heroin at the age of 16 when a drug dealer handed her two bags of heroin.

    Kanye West never knew about this wild part of Julia Fox’s life when they were dating. Julia smelled the breakup from miles away. Like every partner of his, Ye criticized Fox for her fashion choices, which made her realize that the relationship was falling apart. When she told him that she wanted to part ways, he confessed to having a “good conversation with his soon-to-be-ex-wife, Kim Kardashain”.

    Ye told Julia that he “discovered a lot of information about” her. The ‘Donda’ rapper then dropped the d-bomb. He said, “I didn’t know you were a drug addict.” When Fox declared that she was through with Kanye West, a denim brand deal that he had set up for her just went into thin air.

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    The Model Alleged That He ‘Weaponized’ Her

    Julia Fox says Kanye West weaponized her against Kim Kardashian
    Julia Fox says Kanye West weaponized her against Kim Kardashian

    During an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Julia Fox alleged that Kanye West wanted to get back at Kim Kardashian, so he weaponized her and used her as a puppet. Julia said, “I understood him on a visceral level.”

    But the dynamics he had with his estranged wife made her think that she would “ultimately be helping a precarious situation.” Julia continued, “But I learned quickly that I was being weaponized. I just felt like his little puppet.”

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