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    “I Don’t Look At That S***”: Woody Harrelson Is Not Bothered By The Backlash For His Controversial COVID-19 Monologue

    Celebrities have stepped back from expressing themselves because of the rampant cancel culture. But Woody Harrelson remains as outspoken as ever. In his conversation with Esquire, it became clear he isn’t losing any sleep over possibly being the next victim of the cancel culture.

    ‘The Natural Born Killers’ actor got a lot of flak for going off script during his ‘Saturday Night Live’ monologue about COVID-19 safety protocols. Many were upset with him for making light of the situation. Currently starring in ‘White House Plumbers,’ the actor told the outlet he is blissfully unaware of what people are saying.

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    Woody Harrelson Is Not Engaging With Monologue’s Backlash

    Woody Harrelson
    Woody Harrelson

    Unlike most celebrities, Woody Harrelson isn’t narcissistic enough to Google himself. ‘The Natural Born Killers’ star remains unfazed about what people think about him. While promoting his new HBO series ‘White House Plumbers,’ the actor told Esquire doesn’t give two hoots about how people reacted to his SNL monologue about COVID-19.

    Woody Harrelson believes what’s done is done and is moving forward with his life. He told the outlet about being cautious about not reading the internet’s opinions of him and his decisions. The 61-year-old actor doesn’t mind “mainstream media having a go” at him, as it makes no difference to his life.

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    Woody Harrelson Got In Trouble With SNL Monologue

    'The White House Plumbers' actor delivering his controversial monologue
    ‘The White House Plumbers’ actor delivering his controversial monologue

    Woody Harrelson was the returning host for SNL in its 48th season. What no one saw was coming was the Trojan horse of a monologue, which turned out to be about how ridiculous COVID-19 vaccinations were, upsetting many with his cavalier attitude towards such a serious issue.

    ‘The White House Plumbers’ actor later stirred the pan when The New York Times Magazine asked what bothered him about the protocols. He said the protocols still being followed make no sense. He thinks it’s unfair and a little despotic to make a person wear a mask and get him vaccinated. The 61-year-old actor wants it to be the individual’s choice, calling the entire thing “nonsense.”

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