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    In A New Episode Of “BTS Recipe,” Jin Teaches Jungkook The Art Of Making “Janchi Guksu”

    BTS is a South Korean boy band that is currently ruling the hearts of many fans. They have a very strong and devoted fandom called ARMY. The key members of the group are Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, V, J-Hope, Suga, and Rap Monster. The group keeps on releasing funny videos, cooking, and educational videos.

    Their videos are very famous among fans. They show how much each of them enjoys each other’s company and even teach us about their culture. Their fans always stand by them no matter what and the band has also returned equal love to their fans.

    All About The Video With Hyung Jin And Maknae Jungkook

    Bts Jin
    Bts Jin making Noodles

    In the video, we see Jin in the kitchen. It starts with him coaching Kookie all about Janchi Guksu which is a soup containing wheat flour noodles, broth, kimchi, and vegetables. He even tells Kookie to slap the noodles on the wall. The main purpose is to see if they’ll stick to the wall in order to understand whether it is properly cooked.


    Even during such educational moments, fans could see how much fun they both were having. In between, we see V and Suga slowly trying to steal a taste. They compliment Jin and Junkook on their culinary skills. This show just how much they love each other’s company and teaches the ARMY about Janchi Guksu.

    All You Need To Know About Janchi Guksu

    Junchi Guksu noodle
    Junchi Guksu Noodle

    The video of Jin and Jungkook teaches the fan about the Korean cuisine Janchi Guksu. “You can often hear good news here and there in the month of May, when the new life of spring is well underway. This is also a popular month for weddings. In Korea, it is common to serve janchi guksu at wedding receptions or community feasts,” the video’s description reads.

    This tradition comes from wishing for long life, just like the long noodles of Janchi Guksu. Apparently, BTS members often make it themselves because this dish is easy to prepare with a mix of different vegetables.

    The BTS Recipes from HYBE EDU educate the fans about Korean cuisine and Korean culture. Currently the fans and very eagerly waiting for BTS’s new album Proof. The album is supposed to drop on June 10th.

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