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    Internet Slams “Freshly Married” Usher For Getting “Too Intimate” With Alicia Keys During Halftime Show

    The halftime show at the Super Bowl this year was one of the highlights of the big game night. Other than the magnificent victory that the Kansas City Chiefs secured during the game, the performances by Usher in collaboration with other celebrities like Alicia Keys and among others also gained a lot of applause.

    Usher brought down the house at the NFL Super Bowl, delivering a performance that left fans in awe. The R&B icon performed some of his greatest hits on the Super Bowl stage including ‘OMG’, ‘Yeah’, ‘Caught Up’, and ‘You Don’t Have to Call’, along with an electrifying choreography. However, there were some critics who noticed something odd about his performance with Alicia Keys.

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    Usher And Alicia Keys’ Closeness On Stage Raises Eyebrows

    Usher and Alicia Keys (Image: Getty)
    Usher and Alicia Keys (Image: Getty)

    It was some of Usher’s intimate moments with special guest Alicia Keys during their performance of ‘My Boo‘ that stirred up some controversy after the Super Bowl halftime performance. The duo’s closeness on the dais raised eyebrows, as Alicia Keys is a married woman.

    Though it was not known at the time, reports later revealed that the R&B icon also got secretly married to his longtime girlfriend Jenn Goicoechea. The duo got a marriage license in Clark County, Nevada just days before Usher’s electrifying performance at the Super Bowl.

    Given that both these performers were married as they grew close on stage during a performance, several fans raised objections on social media.

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    “The Way Usher Was Grabbing Alicia Keys”: Social Media Slams Usher

    Usher and his wife (Image: Getty)
    Usher and his wife (Image: Getty)

    The man has said it himself in his songs ‘don’t leave your girl around me,’ so fans’ imaginations have certainly run wild after the performance,” a social media user wrote reacting to the video of Usher and Alicia Keys’ performance.

    Lmfaoo, Usher is INSANE for hugging Alicia keys like that,” another user wrote on X. “The way usher was grabbing Alicia keys,” commented a third. Some even humorously referred to Usher as a “menace to society” for his onstage antics.

    One more user also noted that Usher was freshly married when he was getting uncomfortably close to Alicia Keys. “SO HE WAS FRESHLY MARRIED DOING ALL THIS???????” the user wrote in the caption of a video showing Usher and Alicia performing together. However, some others also defended the stars, stating that the intimacy was for performance’s sake.

    However, Alicia Keys’ husband, Swizz Beatzs quashed the drama as he praised both Usher and his wife for their outstanding show. “Y’all talking about the wrong damn thing !!!” Swizz Beatz wrote on Instagram, redirecting the focus to the impressive performance.

    He also commended the R&B icon and Alicia Keys as “2 amazing Giants“. “We don’t do negative vibes on this side; we make history,” he said.  As a producer married to Alicia Keys for over a decade, Beatzs seemingly understands that intimate performances are a part of the showbiz.

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