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    “Is A Relationship For Me?”: Keke Palmer Says She Questioned Her Need For A Partner After Split With Darius Jackson

    Divorces and breakups in Hollywood often leave celebrities with life lessons and a transformative spirit. One such celebrity opening up about her journey after a breakup is Keke Palmer, who has undergone significant self-reflection after her split from ex-boyfriend Darius Jackson.

    The actress revealed that the split made her question whether relationships and marriage are truly for her. She was speaking in the latest episode of her podcast ‘Baby, This is Keke Palmer‘, when she had a thought-provoking conversation with actress-comedian Amy Poehler. Here’s what the two talked about.

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    Keke Palmer Questions Her Need For Relationship And Marriage After Split

    Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson
    Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson

    Keke Palmer revealed that she has always resisted having open conversations about relationships, especially after having her one-year-old son, Leo, with her ex-boyfriend Darius Jackson. The actress is in the middle of a court battle with Jackson after their split last year.

    Speaking about the toll it has taken on her, Palmer revealed that the unpredictable nature of relationships has deviated her from her plans. “As we get older, as women, is a relationship for me? Do I care about getting married?” Palmer questioned.

    My personality has changed so much in terms of who I thought I was. At 18, I thought, ‘I’m going to be married at 25.’ But now, at 27, after having only one boyfriend and then several, I wonder if I even want to pick one. Our experiences continuously challenge our perceptions of who we want to be,” she said.

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    “I’m On Cloud Nine”: Keke Palmer Says Her Split Made Her Feel Happier

    Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson
    Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson

    In January, Keke Palmer took to social media to open up about her feelings of broken trust. “Sometimes people don’t want to be your friend; they just don’t want to be your enemy. They can’t be cool with you, but they don’t want you to know, even though you already do. If they can keep you close enough, maybe they can use you opportunistically without having shown any loyalty,” she stated. “It’s so much easier to be honest. No one trusts a coward,” she added.

    Amid the challenges, Palmer revealed that she has managed to find some happiness, asserting she has “never been so happy” amidst her split.

    Already 2024 has started off with the vibes I was looking for, more experiences, and more enjoyment of what this beautiful world has to offer,” she wrote. “Look at my smile! I don’t even recognize me! I made a second connection with this girl here; I’m on cloud nine!”

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