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    Is Henry Cavill Joining Marvel As Spider-Man Variant In A Sony Crossover Film?

    The era of Henry Cavill as Superman has come to an end. Fans really expected the return of Cavill when the DCU owners announced the return of Clark Kent, but sadly for the fans, Cavill won’t reprise the role of Superman. But with recent updates from Sony Pictures, it seems like they are eyeing the Superman star for a more juicy role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    Since the DC cut out Henry Cavill, the fans have been wanting him to join the MCU. The Sony Pictures superhero universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been kept separate mainly due to contractual reasons. Basically, Sony Pictures has the rights to ‘Spider-Man’, but it leased them over to Disney. Although they can still make movies around aspects of the Spider-universe like ‘Venom’ and ‘Madame Web’.

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    Is DC’s Superman Star Henry Cavill The Next Spider-Man Variant?

    Since Henry Cavill’s retirement from DC’s Superman, there are rumors that he is jumping on to the rival squad-MCU. He was considered to play various roles like Doctor Doom, Captain Britain, and many more. Recent reports claim that Cavill is being considered by Sony Pictures to enter their shared universe of a Spider-Man movie with multiple variants involved. 

    It seems as though Henry will be reprising the role of UK Spider-Man in a solo movie, instead of larger projects like ‘Across the Spider-verse’ or ‘Avengers: Secret wars’. There are rumors that along with playing UK Spider-Man for Sony, Cavill might also take up the role of Captain Britain for Marvel Cinematic Universe. While Tom Holland’s Spider-Man four is under development, Cavill will be accompanied by Nicholas Cage as another variant of Spider-Man.

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    Who Is UK Spider-Man?

    UK Spider-Man is a Marvel comic character who is a hybrid between Spider-Man and Captain Britain. Member of Captain Britain Corps William Braddock belongs to Earth-833, whereas Tom Holland’s Spider-Man belongs to Earth 616. He does not have spidey sense, instead, a talisman that helps him travel through the multiverse.

    Since William Braddock is both the Spider-Totem and the Captain Britain of his reality he has acquired superhuman abilities. Spider-Man has been an inspirational figure for many Marvel superheroes, and since William Braddock was Peter Parker’s roommate, even the latter inspired Braddock. Being science students they are very similar, struggling to reconcile power and responsibility, so it makes sense, his mentor was none other than Peter Parker.

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