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    Will Henry Cavill Return as Superman to the DC Extended Universe the Flash?

    The Flash is releasing this November. However, the question is that will we see Henry Cavill as Superman in the film or not? No such indication is in the news by the Flash team or Henry Cavill so far. Let’s explore the unofficially official Twitter statements to find out the truth.

    Henry Cavill Returns As Superman In The Flash 

    If you remember this, a leaker tweets “That’s awesome. A few weeks ago I did some work on the New Flash movie with Superman and Batman on set at the same time. Boyhood dream come true.” The tweet has a picture of the set as well. It went viral but Warner Brothers made sure to remove it from the social media history.

    The tweetThe tweet

    Following this his second tweet “Jeez, this got some engagement. Sorry for not replying sooner but I actually have a life outside Twitter. Yes, Cavill. Not saying anything else. Also will be deleting the tweet so you fanboys better screenshot it quickly before it’s gone. And no I won’t be getting fired.”

    Although people speculated that the Superman he saw on the set of the Flash might be a stunt double, he says. “Disagreed…but mainly because I went to school with Superman. (Henry Cavill)”

    Schoolmate of Henry CavillSchoolmate of Henry Cavill

    That is a big statement buddy. His tweets gained quite a bit of attention. In fact, insider scooper viewer Anon put out this tweet “I’m going to feel like an ass if this doesn’t pan out but two different people, both whom I trust, have sworn to me that Henry Cavill is in the Flash.” This is sought of the biggest confirmation so far.

    Ambiguity As The Insiders Say Otherwise

    However, these tweets were countered by other insiders. 

    First one Umberto Gonzalez, “He isn’t going to be in The Flash and in fact doesn’t currently have a deal to reprise Supes in any movie.” The second one is Grace Randolph as she tweets, “I looked into the #HenryCavill #TheFlash rumor many of you asked me about… I can’t say he is DEFINITELY not in the movie (you never know) but I can without any question say he hasn’t been on the set. That’s fake.”

    No Henry Cavill repriseNo Henry Cavill reprise

    Remember these are on Twitter and hence have the possibility of being true as well as not. However, the leaker is suspicious too as he did not disclose anything. He replies to a fan saying wait for the movie to release. He did not want to hype anyone as he spent just one night on the set. 

    This statement of his brings us back to the point where we started. Henry Cavill is in the Flash or not still remains a mystery for us. Moving with the hope to see Cavill in the Flash in November 2022. When it comes to DC there has to be suspense and presumptions. I wish all you fans luck. May the leaker’s statement comes true and Henry returns as Superman. Fingers crossed.


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