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    “It’s Something I’d Rather Just Keep Personal”: Travis Kelce Refuses To Answer THIS Question About Taylor Swift

    Ever since he put Taylor Swift on blast on his podcast, Travis Kelce has always loved talking about his relationship with her, giving fans all the inside details about his romance with the pop star. From questions of engagements to what his favorite Swift song is, Kelce never shies away from the conversation, if it’s about Swift.

    However, the Chiefs player refused to answer one question asked by an interviewer that would have given fans an insight into the couple’s kitchen habits and what’s on their table. Here’s how Travis Kelce responded when he was asked about his cooking dates with Taylor Swift.

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    What Meals Does Travis Kelce Cook For Taylor Swift?

    Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift
    Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

    Travis Kelce is refusing to share more details about his cooking dates with Taylor Swift, as the player smartly dodged a question asked about his favorite dishes to cook together. Kelce’s response was, “I respect that question, but I’m going to keep that one to myself because I thoroughly enjoy cooking with her, so it’s something I’d rather just keep personal.”

    The question arrived after Swift featured him in a YouTube short where she was cooking in the kitchen and Kelce interrupted her with a kiss as a part of her ‘Fortnight’ challenge. Taylor has always been known for her cooking skills, having had hosted a bunch of her friends over, and has also constantly shared clips of herself baking on her social media.

    Kelce however did reveal which of Taylor’s recipes he loves the most as he said, “Taylor makes a great Pop-Tart and cinnamon roll.”

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    Taylor And Travis’ Relationship

    Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce
    Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

    While they are yet to celebrate their one year anniversary, fans have already started prepping up for the stars’ wedding as rumors of them getting set to marry have started surfacing. While most of these questions are being asked to Kelce, who has always smartly dodged them, sources have constantly fuelled that an engagement isn’t very far.

    Nevertheless, the romance is surely going well as the stars continue to interact indirectly Swift has included a song she wrote for Travis in her tour, and he has constantly been talking about her in his podcast. Engaged or not, they’re currently the hottest couple in town and fans are excited for what turn their relationship will take.

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