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    James Gunn Could’ve Brought Back Dwayne Johnson To DCEU As His Comic Book Doppelganger In ‘Superman Legacy’

    James Gunn as the new boss of DCEU has made some significant changes. Now he is busy with his new project ‘Superman: Legacy’. However, fans are already not happy with the upcoming movie since Henry Cavill has been removed from the role of Superman. 

    Fans are not satisfied with David Corenswet as the new Superman. And now Gunn has introduced another new character Metamorpho. Fans are not so satisfied with the casting yet again. So let’s take a look.

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    Who Will Be Playing Metamorpho?


    Recently, James Gunn announced the actor for Metamorpho, and it is Nathan Fillion. Fillion had his eyes on Metamorpho aka Rex Mason. Fillion said, “I like comic books, but I’m not a diehard, but I did when all my hair fell out, go through the kind of pantheon of all of these bald superheroes and supervillains and made note of all of them.”

    Carrigan continued, “I remember seeing Metamorpho and I think he had like a giant like hammer for a hand and I was like, that guy’s badass. Noted. We’ll store that one away.” So undoubtedly, he is pretty happy with the role. Given his alopecia, Carrigan feels strongly about playing Metamorpho and says it signifies something to him. 

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    Fans Wanted To See Dwayne Johnson As Metamorpho

    Dwayne Johnson
    Dwayne Johnson

    Carrigan’s fans are very happy for him and have congratulated him for landing the role. But many feel that James Gunn missed a chance of casting Dwyane Johnson as Metamorpho.

    Many believe that Metamorpho is Dwayne Johnson’s comic doppelganger and feel that he would have been a better casting choice. Metamorpho’s comic sketch fits The Rock’s profile pretty accurately. 

    After ‘Black Adam’ failed at the box office, Gunn scrapped the character as well. So that would mean an end to Dwayne Johnson’s DCEU career. But this was another golden opportunity to cast him as Metamorpho the superhero. 

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