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    “I Needed A Full Reset”: Jared Padalecki Opens Up About Overcoming ‘Dramatic Suicidal Ideation’

    Vulnerable moments from stars of Hollywood have always helped the audience forming a closer connection and relatability to the stars. In one such stance, ‘Supernatural’ star Jared Padalecki has come forward to shed some light on a very difficult time of his life when he was suffering from a mental disorder.

    The actor, mostly known for his role on both the critically acclaimed show shared with fans on how he dealt with it and seeked medical help. Here’s everything Padalecki revealed about his treatment for suicidal ideations.

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    Jared Padalecki Received Treatment For ‘Suicidal Ideations’

    Jared Padalecki
    Jared Padalecki

    Star of Gilmore Girls and Supernatural, Jared Padalecki, has talked candidly about a “really low” point in his life. He confessed that in 2015, he booked himself into a facility for treatment of “dramatic suicidal ideation.”

    The 41-year-old actor was having conversations with Tommy DiDario on the podcast ‘I’ve Never Said This Before‘. Talking about his ideations he said, “I had a really low moment. I was letting my thoughts take over and going to places of dramatic suicidal ideation. I called my wife and she said, ‘Get home.'”

    He continued, “And so I got home, went to a clinic for a couple weeks and looked into it, and haven’t been suicidal since — not for a moment. I needed a full reset.”

    He also added that he was burnt out from working so much, saying, “I had spent 15 years in this industry. You go to an audition or a red carpet and they don’t want, ‘Jared, how are you doing today?’ ‘Today was rough, I didn’t sleep.’ They want, ‘It’s great! Excited to be here!’”

    Further talking about how grateful he is that he took help he said, “I don’t wear it as a scarlet letter. It’s not like I’m shameful. I wear it proudly. You’re a human, I’m a human. There are still highs and lows.”

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    Why Was Jared Padelocki’s ‘Walker’ Cancelled?

    Jared Padalecki in 'Walker'
    Jared Padalecki in ‘Walker’

    Previously this year, Padelocki took to Instagram to sadly announce that his show ‘Walker’ was ending after just four seasons. 

    According to sources, Walker’s licence fee, which is estimated to be between $500k and $550,000 each episode at the moment—a little amount compared to the usual cost of producing a broadcast drama—must be increased significantly in order for the show to continue.

    Posting an emotional note on Instagram, Jared wrote, “It has been a unique honor to be a part of the cast and crew (and fandom!) that helped Walker tell the stories that we told. I will forever smile on the years I got to spend with the cast and crew and studio and network and fandom that made this all possible.”

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