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    Joe Manganiello’s Fan Once Gifted Him A Personalized Comic Book Featuring Fantasy Sex With The Actor

    There is a very thin line between the love that fans harbor for their celebrity crushes and the fatal obsession that can make those very celebrities incredibly uncomfortable. While Hollywood is no stranger to stories of obsessive fan following that often cause many stars inconvenience, the trend of fans doing some eerie stuff for their idols has not mellowed down.

    Joe Manganiello recently shared a similar incident about a gift he received from a fan, teaching him not to judge a book by its cover. Speaking during his appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Manganiello revealed a story that he himself may not have imagined being a part of.

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    Joe Manganiello Was Shocked To Find Out The Contents Of The Comic Book His Fans Spent A Year Drawing

    Joe Manganiello
    Joe Manganiello

    Joe Manganiello opened up about a convention he attended when he received a comic book that a fan had spent a year drawing. The ‘True Blood‘ star said he was highly impressed by the gesture, and even effusively praised the comic without actually reading it.

    I said, ‘Oh, this is amazing.’ And then I saw them the next day and they said, ‘Did you like my comic?’ I said, ‘Of course, it was amazing. You know, you put so much work into it.’ I didn’t read it, but I went on and on about how great it was,” Manganiello said during the interview.

    However, when he opened the book and started reading it, he was utterly surprised by the contents of it. The actor said the comic book had some anthropomorphic characters portraying the fan and Manganiello himself, involved in questionable activities.

    It was him as an anthropomorphic rabbit meeting an anthropomorphic wolf man and then…” Manganiello hesitated, when the show host Cohen interjected, saying “They f—–,” to which the actor gave an affirmative response. “Barebacking. Yes,” he said.

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    Joe Manganiello Praised The Fan For His Comic Book Before Reading Its Disturbing Contents

    Joe Manganiello
    Joe Manganiello

    Joe Manganiello even went a step ahead to praise it in front of the fan without reading it, which naturally made things worse. “I was like, ‘Oh, I love it. It was so great.’ He was like, ‘You did!?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah! Totally!’ Didn’t read it. Then… that’s what I get,” he said.

    The creepy but amusing anecdote left the audience in stitches. Amidst laughter from host Andy Cohen himself, Manganiello clarified how the wolfman in his fan’s comic book was inspired by his character on ‘True Blood’, where he played the shirtless werewolf Alcide Herveaux.

    Though the show concluded a decade ago, the actor agreed to often coming across fans who loved his character on the show.

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