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    Johnny Depp-Amber Heard Trial: Courtroom Wristbands And Jury Notes On Auction For Thousands Of Dollars

    Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial memorabilia, such as worn wristbands and a notebook filled with “top secret” jury notes, are now fetching thousands of dollars on eBay. When Depp won $15 million and Heard was awarded $2 million at the end of the trial, Louisville, Kentucky defense attorney Larry Forman was present. He wrote down nearly all he witnessed during the trial.

    In a 2018 Washington Post column, Amber Heard allegedly defamed Johnny Depp by calling herself a survivor of domestic violence. This led to a bitter legal struggle between the ex-spouses, who got married in 2015 and divorced a year later in 2016. Now, memorabilia from their trial is fetching big bucks.

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    Larry Forman Noted The Jury’s Emotions During Johnny Depp-Amber Heard Court Proceedings

    Forman kept a track of the proceedings in court and observed the jurors’ emotions while he was there because he considered it “the most essential issue” in the trial, he told Insider. The jury was never videotaped throughout the six weeks of trial testimony. The proceedings were live-streamed through.

    “You have to see how they react to defense witnesses. Then, you have to see how they react to the plaintiff’s witnesses. Then, you have to see how they react during breaks,” he said. “Who do they look at? Who do they smile at?”

    According to him, “having the expertise of being an attorney… has put me in the very ideal position to monitor and remark on that.”

    60-Page Notebook Detailing The Trial On eBay For $14,969 

    “The lucky bidder gets the chance to grab a piece of history,” Larry Forman talked about auctioning off the notebook holding all of his notes — which has around 60 pages — on eBay for $14,969 on Wednesday. He stated that he will donate the entire profit to the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles because the American Civil Liberties Union and the hospital were both beneficiaries of Heard’s $7 million divorce settlement from Johnny Depp, he stated he selected the hospital.

    Candie Davidson-Goldbronn, a spokesperson for the children’s hospital, stated throughout the trial she paid just $250,000 of the $3.5 million payment she had committed to providing.

    Heard testified that she ceased the donations when Johnny Depp sued her for $50 million in damages, but that she intends “on honoring all of my obligations.”

    Forman, on the other hand, predicted that Depp would win. “Watching the jury, I was absolutely convinced that some of them, not all of them — No. 2 and No. 6 and No. 5 were the hardest ones to read — were going to be on Johnny’s side,” he said. “After seeing their reactions, I was firmly convinced that Johnny was going to win.”

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