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    Johnny Depp Vs Gregg Brooks: A Potential New Key Witness Can Change The Course Of ‘The City Of Lies’ Set Case

    It has not even been a month since Johnny Depp got out of Court after the long hectic defamation trial with Amber Heard. Yet once again his destiny brought him back to the witness stand. But this time he will be defending himself against former colleague Gregg “Rocky” Brooks, who claims Depp punched him in the ribcage on the set of the ‘City of Lies‘ movie in 2018.

    After winning more than $8 million in his last case, Johnny Depp decided to approach the Court once again after getting a key witness who literally served as a ray of hope to Depp and his fans. According to an exclusive recording obtained by Radar, “a potential key witness in the forthcoming trial could blow the whole case wide open.”

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    What Really Heated Up Things Between Johnny Depp and Brooks On The Set Of ‘City Of Lies’

    Johnny Depp punched Brooks on his ribcage in the set of a movie
    Johnny Depp punched Brooks on his ribcage on the set of a movie

    According to the Court documents related to the case, location manager Brooks claimed their dispute started because Depp allegedly punched him right on his ribcage. It all started when they were shooting past the time of their permit. He said that director Brad Furman asked him to give Depp the bad news that he would not have enough time to finish the scene because the clock was about to run out… and that’s what incited the alleged assault.

    Depp refuted those claims in his response, saying he acted in “self-defense” and that Brooks had “provoked” the alleged dispute. As previously revealed by Radar, “Depp’s behavior on the City of Lies set had already caused tensions, with leaked daily production reports detailing a series of absences and incidents where he failed to show up for work at all, costing up to a million dollars in lost filming days.”

    According to Brooks, Depp’s “intoxication and temper” on set “created a chaos, abusive and unsafe work environment” and that the alleged assault led to his “emotional distress” and “humiliation”. The lawsuit exposed the news of Johnny Depp offering him $100,000 to punch him in the face after the incident.

    Brooks’ lawyer Pat Harris said, “The case is not about two Hollywood celebrities involved in a toxic relationship. It is about the assault of a hard-working film crew member by the star of the production. Mr. Brooks looks forward to his day in court.”

    If Johnny Ever Tried To Fight Him, He’d Put Him On His Back’: Stunning New Testimony Brings New Spark To The Case

    Johnny Depp punched Brooks on his ribcage in the set of a movie
    Johnny Depp punched Brooks on his ribcage on the set of a movie

    Recently a new testimony by Officer John Bigrigg has shaken the pages of the case file once again. He is a former Green Beret and retired 35-year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department. He was working for the L.A. Film Unit when the incident happened.

    Bigrigg’s testimony explained, “I walked over to where the disturbance was, and it was already over. Neither of the combatants showed no sign of wear, complained of injuries or said that they wanted to press charges.”

    “It was a minor squabble, and I took it in a humorous light,” he says. “And, if my recollection serves me right, Rocky told me that if Johnny ever tried to fight him, he’d put him on his back.”

    Investigator Barresi who was special in charge of the case said that after interviewing multiple witnesses regarding the matter, the only testimony he found reliable was of ex-cop Bigrigg.

    “Let’s call it like it is in the real world,” Barresi says. “Everybody I interviewed on that set had something to lose and nothing to gain by telling me that Johnny assaulted Brooks. So, for this reason, I deemed them all unreliable witnesses. The one person I did interview, however, whose statements I am confident that I could take to the bank, was John Bigrigg.”

    Johnny Depp’s Reaction To The Matter

    Johnny Depp
    Johnny Depp

    Depp also reacted to the alleged assault, saying in a deposition: “I had my assistant bring a bottle of wine. And we toasted in I think paper cups. And, you know, no harm, no foul. I apologized. He apologized. Gave him a hug. We embraced. You know, I hugged him. And everything was cool. As a matter of fact, he asked for a selfie with me. And so I took a selfie with him.”

    Brooks is seeking “unspecific damages” if he wins the case and is suing the film’s producers and directors as well. According to the reports by Radar, “As recently as last week Depp’s legal team, headed by attorney Camille Vasquez, was deep in negotiations to settle the matter out of court.”

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