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    Jordan Peterson To Quit Twitter After Her Controversial Statement About Plus Size Female Model Backfires

    No time for drama. An influential psychologist and author Jordan Peterson is finally planning to leave Twitter. The reason is mostly that he’s buried down the endless flood of insults after criticizing a plus-size female model. This psychologist had commented on the appearance of a model who was on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

    The model featured on the cover named Yumi Nu Was probably not first about the comment to a great extent. “Goes mad [nail painting emoji] [calm smile emoji],” she wrote in a quote-retweet of Dr. Peterson‘s original tweet. Doctor Peterson has recently gotten into the Canadian debate over transgender rights. This free speech advocate is now making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

    The Controversial Post And Fan’s Reactions To It

    Yumi Nu
    Yumi Nu

    Doctor Jordan Peterson, 59, humiliated the plus-sized Asian model and musician Yumi Nu after she appeared on the cover of the magazine Sports Illustrated. “Sorry. Not beautiful. And no amount of authoritarian tolerance is going to change that,” he wrote to his 2.7 million followers.

    This post seemed to have hurt the sentiments of millions of people across the globe. They didn’t hold back from letting out their opinions at the disrespectful comment. Here’s what people had to say about the post:

    “Jordan Peterson gets to give this verdict of Yumi Nu bc he’s just so god-damned good looking,” tweeted comedian John Fugelsang in response to Peterson’s “not beautiful” post.

    Actor Ralph Garman wrote: “Or, and follow me here, you simply say ‘That’s not for me’ and then promptly f**k off.”

    “Why do men feel it’s their duty to publicly pronounce their view on the attractiveness of women? Couldn’t you just keep it to yourself?,” added another woman.

    “Sheesh. Big fan here. I find my girlfriend with a body type like this quite beautiful. Dial it back a bit homie,” one man wrote.

    Jordan Peterson’s Continues His On And Off Routine On Twitter

    Yumi Nu
    Yumi Nu

    Soon after the controversial post, the public got pissed off and started accusing Jordan Peterson. He decided to take a break from Twitter thinking that things might settle down in some time. But this is not what exactly happened. After his 3 weeks hiatus, people still seem to be trolling him for his comment.

    “I recently stopped accessing Twitter for three weeks as an experiment. I had some of my staff post video links etc. It was a genuine relief. I started to read & write more. I started using it again, a few days ago, and I would say that my life got worse again almost instantly,” Peterson wrote.

    As a result, of which Peterson decided to take some time off again. “The endless flood of vicious [insults] is not something that can be experienced anywhere else. I like to follow the people I know but I think the incentive structure of the platform makes it intrinsically and dangerously insane,” added Jordan.

    He continued, “So I told my staff to change my password, to keep me from temptation, and am departing once again. If I have something to say I’ll write an article or make a video. If the issue is not important enough to justify that then perhaps it would be best to just let it go.” 

    In another tweet, Peterson says he plans to write an article on the “technical reasons that Twitter is maddening,” ending the post with “bye for now.” 

    But even after tweeting goodbye to everyone, Peterson was active on Twitter posting the controversial profile “Libs of TikTok”—an account accused of posting content designed to vilify the LGBTQ+ community—on three occasions.

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