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    Kanye West Surrounded By Floating Bodies In New Music Video Heaven And Hell Out

    The new music video Heaven and Hell from Kanye West is not for his former wife Kim Kardashian: While the track reminds us of Kanye’s poem for his ex-wife Kim Kardashian as suggested by the title, it is not the case this time.

    Along with his track, a video is released by Yeezy to accompany the song.

    In the video, Kanye West is seen to be rapping in a gimp mask. The camera moves towards metal railings when a black hooded figure moves by in slow motion. More people are seen as the camera moves towards the bus stop. West changed his name legally to Ye as he raps in rhythm as the video continues to show scenic views of the city at night. People have covered their faces with black masks similar to Kanye. The video interrupts as West is seen in a close-up while rapping. However, it is unclear whether the figure is West himself or an actor in place of him due to mask.

    Floating bodies or souls are seen in the video roaming around him as he raps further. Kanye moves up to clouds as he is seen waving at souls to follow his direction. Heaven and Hell come to an end with a burst of electronic instrumental noises and pulsating rhythms as Kanye’s rap finishes.

    Images are shown while the music continues. The last image is shown of the ancient city with the YZY logo from Yeezy Gap. However, it is unknown as to who directed the film since no credits were shown at the beginning or in the end.

    Is Video By Kanye West Related With Kim Kardashian?

    The poem he wrote earlier for Kim Kardashian, was to express his love for Kardashian on her 30th Birthday.

    Kanye posted about the project on his Instagram with a caption. It goes like the first commercial with YZY Gap and Mama we did it with crying while smiling emoji.

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    In an interview with Vogue, Kanye revealed that it was a dream come true to work with Gap. And the creative director of Balenciaga and produce an incredible piece of work.

    The poem was previously inspired by his song Lost In The World from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Now he did use words from previous Hell and Heaven.

    The title of the track – Heaven and Hell – was previously seen in a love poem he sent to his ex Kim, where he notably referred to her as his ‘heaven and hell’. 

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