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    Kate Middleton Is Working From Bed, “Already Planning Royal Engagements” While Recovering From Recent Surgery

    While the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton manages to be in the limelight for a variety of reasons, her recent appearance was because of an abdominal surgery. The royal family faced a double health scare as Middleton and King Charles both had to undergo surgery in the same month.

    The King underwent treatment for an enlarged prostate, while Kate had an abdominal surgery that she has chosen to keep under wraps largely. Reports suggest that even the people closest to her had no idea about the medical procedure until the day she was operated on. As the details of her ailment still remain shrouded in mystery, the Princess is reportedly back working, even from her bed.

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    Kate Middleton Is Working From Bed As She Recovers From Recent Surgery

    Kate Middleton (Image: Getty)
    Kate Middleton (Image: Getty)

    The Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton is reportedly gearing up to return to her royal duties after undergoing abdominal surgery earlier this month. Some insiders told the Daily Express UK that she is already “back working from her bed” and planning royal engagements for her return around Easter.

    While Kensington Palace maintains that Middleton will not make public appearances until fully recovered, the princess is seemingly already bracing herself to make up for all the work she had to miss while recuperating.

    The source added that the 42-year-old Middleton is already “planning engagements and speaking with her team” to prepare for her return as she recuperates at Adelaide Cottage on the Windsor estate.

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    Kate Middleton Hid Her Surgery From Her Closest Friends And Associates

    Kate Middleton and Prince William (Image: Getty)
    Kate Middleton and Prince William (Image: Getty)

    Kate Middleton’s abdominal surgery was described as a serious one despite being a low-key one. However, sources also confirmed that it was unrelated to cancer. Despite being a “planned’ surgery, the procedure was kept a secret from even Kate’s closest advisers as she and her husband Prince William, wanted to maintain privacy.

    The couple’s three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, also did not visit their mother at the London Clinic, as the couple did not want their schedules to be disturbed because of Middleton’s surgery.

    Interestingly, Middleton’s recovery coincided with King Charles, who visited her during his hospitalization for his own surgery. Entertainment Tonight reported that despite the challenges, Middleton is “thrilled” to be back home at Adelaide Cottage with her family. Her husband Prince William also scaled back his royal duties to support her.

    Kensington Palace shared on Monday that Middleton is recovering well. “She is making good progress,” a Kensington Palace spokesperson said. “The Wales family continues to be grateful for the well-wishes they have received from around the world, the representative added.

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