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    Katie Price Emotional As Son Harvey Learns How To Do Supermarket Shopping

    The 43-year-old, Katie Price, also revealed that she was instructed to share some new snaps of her eldest son in a supermarket. Her son went to buy the right groceries. Katie posted how her 19-year-old child was filling a basket. She then wrote that her son is learning new skills. This post came after the BBC received more than 100 complaints about the recent documentary “What Harvey Did Next.” According to a biweekly report on the BBC’s complaints service, viewers complained that Katie was an inappropriate subject of the documentary.

    What Are The Concerns About Harvey And How Did Katie Price React To It?

    Katie Price posted some sweet snaps of her son filling up his basket
    Katie Price’s post

    People mainly expressed concern about portraying Harvey as a vulnerable young adult. A total of 103 complaints were received between February 28th and March 13th. Katie Price: What Harvey did next was commissioned before she escaped prison for an outbreak of alcohol. The reality star turned her car over after drinking cocaine and vodka. Viewers also criticized the BBC, which allegedly paid Katie to appear in her show. When announced, BBC viewers responded to social media with anger and boycott showed the show.

    People commented that BBC is doing an outrageous abuse of license funds allotted to them. One other responded that they do not want to see Katie as she is bankrupt, flouts the law, takes holiday, and is totally a bimbo.

    Harvey’s Runway In A Fashion Show

    Price admits that she is very proud of her son Harvey after walking the runway at a fashion show. Her previous glamor model was brought to social media to share her pride with this new achievement of her 19-year-old son on March 14. Harvey walked the runway and promoted fashion brand Bourne Anchas’ black and gold clothing collection. During the event, Harvey modeled a black T-shirt with a gold “H” logo.

    Katie’s fans were as excited as watching Harvey on the catwalk. Others, on the other hand, praised Harvey for raising awareness of loud sounds. It came after Katie recently revealed that her son had secured his first nightclub PA. Harvey moved from his home in Sussex to a boarding school in last August.

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