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    Kevin Spacey Charged With Four Counts Of Sexual Assault Against Three Men In UK

    Kevin Spacey has been accused of four charges of sexual assault against three males in the United Kingdom. Several news outlets reported that an official complaint of sexual assault has been lodged against the actor by the Crown Protection Services of the UK. Investigations are underway as a direct result of the sexual assault complaint. 

    Kevin Spacey Is Facing Sexual Assault Charges


    In March of 2005, there were two incidents in London involving Spacey that have been reported for sexual assault. The second man registered a complaint about an incident that took place in August 2008, in London. He claimed that he had also been a victim of sexual assault and had been subjected to unwanted invasive sexual conduct without his consent. In the county of Gloucestershire, England, in April 2013, the third alleged sexual assault took place.

    A review of the evidence that was gathered by the Metropolitan Police throughout their investigation was used as the basis for the charges, according to a statement released by Rosemary Ainslie, who is the head of the CPS Special Crime Division. The Crown Prosecution Service stated that “criminal processes are ongoing against Mr. Spacey and that he has the right to a fair trial.”

    In 2019, British law enforcement officials questioned Spacey in connection with reports that he had assaulted a number of people.

    The actor who once starred in “House of Cards” served as the creative director of London’s Old Vic Theatre from the years 2004 till 2015.

    Previous Sexual Assault Allegations Against Spacey

    Kevin Spacey
    Kevin Spacey

    Spacey, who has avoided public attention since allegations of sexual assault surfaced against him five years ago, is making an effort to get back into the acting business.

    Peter Five Eight“, a teaser for which had its world debut at Cannes a week ago, featured the actor in the role of a serial killer. 

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