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    Kimora Lee Simmons Breaks Silence On Her 21-Year-Old Daughter Aoki Kissing 65-Year-Old Vittorio Assaf In Viral Photos

    fashion mogul and model Kimora Lee Simmons recently opened up about her feelings regarding her 21-year-old daughter Aoki Lee Simmons‘ latest ‘date’. Aoki has been in the headlines for her brief fling with restaurateur Vittorio Assaf, who is 65 years old. 

    In April Aoki and Assaf were captured kissing while on a beach vacation. Everyone and her mother herself were caught off guard by the situation. The situation was very talked about and Kimora shared her feelings regarding it in an interview with TMZ.

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    Kimora Lee Talks About Feeling Embarrassed Over Picture Of Her Daughter 

    Kimora Lee Simmons and her daughter
    Kimora Lee Simmons and her daughter

    Despite acknowledging her daughter‘s right to choose her partners Kimora admitted to feeling “a little embarrassed” upon seeing the pictures. “There’s definitely an age dynamic there. I probably was a little embarrassed by it but you know me, I’m definitely like, ‘It is what it is honey,” she said.

    Additionally, there are a few reasons why Kimora might feel this way. The significant age difference is likely a major factor. At 21, Aoki is just starting out in life, while Assaf has decades more experience. Moreover, Kimora might worry that her daughter is not in a position to fully understand the dynamics of such a relationship, or that Assaf’s motivations might not be genuine.

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    Kimora Lee Calls Vittorio Assaf A ‘Toad’

    Kimora Lee Simmons

    Kimora expressed her protective side. She referred to Assaf as a “toad” in the interview, suggesting she doesn’t approve of him. This hints at a concern for Aoki’s well-being and a desire to see her daughter with someone her own age. 

    Despite the initial awkwardness, Kimora has shown support for her daughter. “I’m not gonna kick and scream about her choices. All I can do is offer my advice and unconditional love,” she said. Aoki, on the other hand, appears to be taking a different stance. She recently posted a quote seemingly directed at her mother’s comments, suggesting a desire for independence in her dating life. 

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