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Leonardo DiCaprio Recalls Intense ‘Django Unchained’ Scene Where He Cut Himself

The Oscar-winning actor, Leonardo DiCaprio recently said that the experience of his hand getting slashed open was fun because of the reaction of the co-actors.

DiCaprio recounted what occurred during the controversial incident that left his hand pouring with blood. In a conversation with Cynthia McFadden[via UniLad]. His co-actors Jamie Foxx and the director of the movie Quentin Tarantino were also present.

What Role Does Leonardo DiCaprio Play In The Movie?

Leonardo Di Caprio  And Jamie Foxx In Django Unchained
Leonardo Di Caprio And Jamie Foxx In Django Unchained

The 2012 movie garnered a lot of appreciation and a lot of acclaim from fans to critics. It became Tarantino’s highest-earning film to date, generating $425 million worldwide on a budget of $100 million. The film’s use of racist insults and portrayal of violence sparked outrage. The film won multiple honors and nominations, including five nominations for Best Picture at the 85th Academy Awards.

DiCaprio plays a slave owner known as Calvin Candie in the film, and it is one of the rare times we have seen him portray a villain instead of being the lead in a movie. DiCaprio had this to say about the character: ‘This was one of the most narcissistic, self-indulgent, racist, most despicable characters I’ve ever read in my entire life.’

After some assurance from Foxx and other co-stars Samuel L. Jackson, DiCaprio said his first day on production was ‘incredibly difficult,’ but then he was ready to commit after his co-star Samuel L. Jackson said, ‘hey mf gets over that it’s just another Tuesday for us’.

What Had Exactly Happened?

Leonardo Di Caprio In Django Unchained
Leonardo Di Caprio In Django Unchained

DiCaprio went on to reveal how he broke a glass in his hand at the dining table sequence. He did not even break character despite dripping blood. Calvin Candie (DiCaprio) explains the pseudoscience of phrenology in a critical moment of the film. He does it after realizing that Django and Schultz are seeking to dupe him into freeing Broomhilda (Kerry Washington). The figure slams his fist against a table in rage.

‘Watching their responses was the enjoyable part,’ the Titanic star revealed. ‘Boom, it occurred, and then I opened my hand, and blood began to stream all over the place, and I saw Jamie move like this [startled expression].’ Tarantino’s reaction, according to DiCaprio, was identical.

Watch The Video Here:

Django Unchained scene where Leo cuts his hand

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