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    “Let Him Go, You Scorned Woman”: Fans Rush To Brad Pitt’s Side After He Loses Winery Case Against Angelina Jolie

    Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie steals a win from her ex-husband Brad Pitt. The animosity between the two has now knocked on the doors of legal courts. Hollywood’s former golden couple was embroiled in a highly emotional war over their mutually-bought Chateau Miraval winery. And as per the latest reports, the legal battle has come to a conclusion with a judge ruling in favor of Angelina.

    The actor had filed a lawsuit against the ‘Wanted’ actress, claiming he had no idea she was selling her half. After his loss, fans make it their job to defend their beloved actor through social media.

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    Angelina Jolie Won The legal Battle As Brad Pitt Can’t See Past His “Hatred” For Her

    The Brangelina Couple
    The Brangelina Couple

    The former couple Brangelina had purchased the Chateau Miraval winery in 2008. The estimated value of the property at the time was $28.3 million. Both the stars had agreed not to sell their interests in the company. But after their divorce, Angelina went on to sell her share of the French estate to liquor giant Stoli. Now, as per ‘Page Six,’ Angelina’s legal team has summoned documents from Brad, his company, and his business manager on July 22.

    The actor’s legal team fought tooth and nail to have the courts deny her request for any papers and correspondence. But this failed as a LA judge said that Brad and his partners must turn over all the documents to Angelina’s team. Now even if the star wished to appeal, the judge stated that they can’t wait till the appeal decision is out. Page Six claims the Emmy award winner had turned down the Stoli Group’s offer even when he was with Angelina.

    Sources close to the actress’ business operation told the publication that Pitt is letting his anger get in the way of common business sense. “Any rational human being would be happy for Stoli to [be a partner in their business. They have top-notch marketing and distribution,” the sources said. “He just can’t see past his hatred of Jolie.

    Brad Pitt’s Fans Bully Jolie After Her Court Victory

    Angelina Jolie
    Angelina Jolie

    While Angelina might have won looks like she angered a lot more of them. After the decision was ruled in her favor, Brad’s massive fan following sought to pull her down through Twitter. They tweeted about the unfairness of the ruling and connected it to the ‘Maleficient’ star’s heritage. They even called her a “scorned woman” and wrote unpleasant things about her.

    The couple met on the sets of ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ in 2003. Brangelina confirmed that they were expecting their first baby together nearly three months after the actor finalized his divorce from his former wife Jennifer Aniston. 

    In 2014, the couple tied the knot at their Chateau Miraval in France, with all six of their children involved in the ceremony. Angelina filed for divorce in 2016 citing irreconcilable differences.

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